online payment methods for associates

Hello, I was wondering which payment methods I can use so I still get my associate discount ? When I enter my debit card, the discount disappears before I go to order.


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  1. Debit cards are not processed online as debit cards; they are processed as Visa or MasterCard. Websites treat them like third party credit cards, and those are not eligible for the associate discount, just like it wouldn't be if you were at the store and chose "credit" after swiping your debit card. On (or, only Sears/Kmart gift cards and Sears cards are able to get the associate discount.

  2. There is also a new limitation:

    The SHC discount is no longer valid if you are picking the item up at a Sears Hometown Store or Sears Outlet store.

    1. In response to Civsci

      If you are an SHO employee, the SHO discount is only eligible for items being picked up through Sears Hometown and Outlet stores.

      And can not be used for ship to home orders.

  3. 1. Any Sears Credit Card

    2. Sears, Kmart or Lands End Gift Cards.

    3. Transactions paid with Shop Your Way Rewards points.

    4. Transactions done using the new Pin-Only ATM card option should also work.

  4. Sears card or gift card. You could purchase a gift card in your store with your debit card then use the gift card for an online purchase. Or if you have a nearby store that offers gas perks for buying gift card that may be the way to go.

  5. Hi Msjennybooo! In order to receive your associate discount for online purchases, you need to use your Sears Card.