Ordered thermostat for my whirlpool dryer part #3977425 was sent part #3387134 the old part says 125V the new part says 250V is this a good replacement? I put it in and it works but does this increase the chance of a fire or likely to cuase the thermal fuse to blow sooner? Thanks in advance for any info. Can’t find specs for parts anywhere.


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  1. RickinPA: I ran the original part number (3977425) and according to SearsPartsDirect, the substitute operating thermostat with the bias heater should be part #8318268. If the temperature rating is the same, and it's heating and drying normally, it should work fine. There is no more of a chance of a fire or any more of a chance to cause the thermal fuse to blow any faster than the original operating thermostat.

  2. Hi RickinPA! Thanks for your question today-you have come to the right place! I will pass this along to the Appliance Experts so they can offer you a few tips and advice on fixing your dryer. Check back soon for a reply!

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