Our icemaker isn’t filling. Originally it was not dumping and double filling but now it isn’t filling at all.

It is a sears side-by-side that we bought 2 years ago.


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  1. Hello ycats23. Thank you for the question. I thought I would add one trick you might try. You can add water to the ice maker mold. A turkey basket works great for this. Once the mole is full of water let it freeze and see if the ice is harvested. If the ice maker harvest the ice then the water supply is the problem. The problem might be the valve or there may be ice in the water tube blocking the ice. If the ice maker doesn't harvest the ice then the problem is likely in the ice maker and I would suggest service.

  2. Hi ycats23, On a Sears icemaker the module on the front of the icemaker controls the cycle of the icemaking. Any troubleshooting would have to be started from there and voltages checked. I would recommend you call 1-888-266-6317 and have a technician out to repidly repair the icemaker. I know it is getting hot there.

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