our Kenmore Oasis HE dryer started beeping during its cycle. It sounds like the damp signal, but it happens with every load even when the signal is turned off.


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  1. Hello Daueljr. That type of problem on a Kenmore Oasis HE dryer usually is caused by a failure in the user interface control in the console. You can try to reset the controls by unplugging the dryer for 3 minutes. Plug it back in and see if the controls work normally. If you continue to see that problem, then the dryer will probably need to be serviced by a technician. You can schedule service by calling Sears at 1-800-469-4663 (1-800-4MY-HOME).

  2. Hi Daueljr! Sorry you are having problems with your dryer! Can you post a model number? I am going to pass this along to the Appliance Experts, and that will help them to troubleshoot.

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