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  1. Hello dsg7651. AdamO posted some good advice about determining whether you need a gas or electric dryer. I see that JulieK posted a link for the top rated gas dryers. Here is a link for the top rated electric dryers:

  2. Hi dsg7651! You may want to check out for the highest rated dryers. It is a great resource to help when shopping for big items like this. Copy and paste this link to see the highest rated dryers:

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    Well. The most obvious requirement is to double check whether the laundry room you are planning on putting your new appliance in uses a 240 volt electrical service or uses natural gas to heat the clothes in your new dryer.

    Knowing the answer to which type of service your room uses will help to greatly narrow down your search for the dryer that is best for you.

    The electrical service uses the monster plug behind the dryer.

    The gas service has a hose running into the machine and the appliance electrics are powered by a 3-wire plug, inserted into a "regular" 120 volt outlet up higher, behind the dryer.

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