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  1. Is there a brand you prefer? Would you like your refrigerator to match the other appliances in your kitchen? Are you looking for a particular color (for instance, bisque is available on only a few select models, and there are specialty finishes such as White/Black Ice and fingerprint-proof metallic)? Do you know the dimensions of the space where the refrigerator will reside? Do you want the refrigerator to have ice and water dispensed from the door? Do you want any dispenser for water at all? Would you like a water dispenser inside the refrigerator? Do you want two ice makers (one in the refrigerator, one in the freezer)? I'm afraid it's a bit like asking for someone to recommend a car. There are a lot to choose from, and your needs and wants help determine what's right for you. If you can provide the answers to some of these questions (mainly brand preference, space dimensions, color, dispensers), that would certainly help narrow down the many options to a few.

  2. Hi FFrench72,
    I could recommend my favorite refrigerator to you. That is the Kenmore 31. cu.ft. This is a family sized trio refrigerator. There is the smaller 23 cu,ft. trio and will fit nicely in any space a side by side will fit. There are features galore to consider. Do you want a door in a door, very energy minded refrigerator. Instead I will advise you to go to the nearest Sears store and explore all the shapes and types of french door bottom mount refrigerators in stock. Check out the freezer drawers and the different shelf configurations. Explore the fresh food sections and find the configuration that you require for your lifestyle.