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  1. This can vary. First you will need to determine what your interests are. Would you prefer a side by side, bottom mount or top mount? What features would you like to have and the type of exterior panel? I would also suggest checking the energy star rating. I recommend checking the floor models and talking with the representative. Explain your preferences and the representative will be able to show you the models that will best meet your needs.

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      Thanks for your response. I am looking for a side by side refridgerator. I have been reading reviews, I am still having a difficult time deciding. I must purchase from sears because of my coverage. I would like a 25 - 27 cubic inch. The larger the better. I have been shown models on the floor, however, the reviews are just as important to me.

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      Whose ratings are you looking for? Generally, online customer ratings tend to be skewed towards the negative, usually because of human nature. We pay the most attention to those things that don't go as expected. So, if someone gets a dud product (which, with mass production, will occur), they're going to raise a ruckus about it, including reviewing it online. Now, that's not to discount their experience, but if there's only one or two reviews and there's a 1 star negative review about the product, would it make sense to judge all of that model by that one customer's experience? Certainly not, any more than your friend who had a bad experience with a Toyota Camry should be representative of all Camrys. Unless there is a fairly large number of negative reviews citing the same issue (or a similarly large number of positives citing the same qualities), the reviews are mostly just fluff made available because people like to see them. They are of minimal actual usefulness in determining whether a product is good. Besides, what if something has no ratings? Is that product good or bad? What if it's the exact product that fits your wants and needs, and it has no ratings? Would you forgo it entirely as a result? I should hope not! :) Besides, you could be the first one to make the review for that product, and help someone who's in the same position you are now.

      What are the dimensions of the space where the refrigerator will go? This is a major limiting factor that must be considered. Height and width are required to find suitable models.

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