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  1. The information you have received from Lyle is very good. However, also check to see if the water line from the relief valve is only running down into the drain pan. If it is, then the relief valve could be leaking. This could be caused by a defective valve, excessively hot water or water expansion in the tank. The most common reason is due to the water expansion. In this case a plumber would be needed, to install an expansion tank to the system.

  2. Hello vmarn. I recommend that you check all of the fittings on that water heater for leaks. Check the heating elements to see if they are leaking. If you find no apparent leaks in those places, then the tank is probably leaking. Check your warranty. The tank warranty varies on that type of water heater. The warranty information should be in your owner's manual. Post the model number if you need help with that warranty information.

  3. Hi vmarn! Thanks for posting your question today. I will be sure to pass it along to our Appliance Experts to see if they can offer some tips on what could be wrong with your water heater. If you could post your model number, that can help them to narrow down the problem.