Pressure washer suggestions – what is best for general use at home?

Looking for suggestions on a pressure washer for our home projects. We will be using the machine mostly for clean up on the exterior of our home (siding, decking, vehicles, driveway and sidewalks). I am voting for an electric machine, my husband votes for the top of the line gas powered machine (of course)!

Any suggestions on the best machine for our needs?


2 answers

  1. I have always loved the gas pressure washers. They seem to have more power and I was able to use it on everything around the outside of the house.

    We used it to clean the old car engines and under carriages, house sidings, driveway/sidewalks, back porch which was made of wood and since sunlight did not hit it to much, moss and mold would build up making it pretty slick to use.

    Loved it!

    The best way is to weigh out the pro's and con's of what its main uses will be and who will be using it the most.

    Good luck on your decision! ;)

  2. Based on those uses, an electric pressure washer could handle your tasks. However, if you want to make sure you have enough power to handle tougher jobs, like doing the entire house, cleaning concrete, and doing other large jobs, you may want to consider a gas-powered pressure washer. The more you need to clean, and the tougher the jobs, the more powerful you need the pressure washer to be. I've got a pretty powerful pressure washer at home and love it, but it's not for everyone or every job.

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