pressure washer with easy start,no choke or primer, will not start? help

fresh gas.air filter clean….only used unit 5 or 6 times in two years


2 answers

  1. Spark, fuel and compression are the three things needed to make the engine run. If the gas is fresh and the air filter okay then I suggest you remove the spark plug and check for spark. Do not hold the spark plug. If there is spart see if you notice any fuel. You can also check for compression. I suspect there is no spark but check these three things and you may find a solution to the problem. Good luck and thank you for using mySearscommunity

  2. Hi there, clemsonkdr! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting your question today. The Lawn and Garden Experts can help you to figure out what to do to get your pressure washer working again. If you could also post the model number, that would be useful, as well.

    An Expert will post in a bit with advice for you. Once he does, I will reach out via email to let you know.