PS4 Cancellation issue?

I have just received an email that my pre-order on my sons birthday gift (PS4) was cancelled over 16 cents of sears rewards points that could not be authorized. It said that in order to fix this situation to go into my shopping cart and fix the payment so that the order could be processed and shipped. I went to go to my cart and there was nothing to be found, and in the order center my order was cancelled. I went to add it back to the cart and found that it could not be ordered. When calling the customer support center they told me there was nothing they could do because the order was cancelled and that it was cancelled because of lack of availability of the item not the 16 cents. I’ve now received two different explanations, both of which are unacceptable as my son is now without the birthday present he wanted badly. On top of all this the persons name who signed the email Imran Jooma, has had multiple complaints on here and on the internet in general saying that he is not a reputable person within your company. This whole situation has soured me from sears and kmart and I seriously doubt I will make any purchases with you again. I now have to go explain to my son why his birthday present will not be coming. Thanks Sears/Kmart!


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  1. Hi AngryMom1! Thanks for posting your concern about your PS4 pre-order. A handful of emails were sent out in error the other day regarding cancelled orders. I would recommend checking your “Order Status” page on This will provide you with more information on your specific order.


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      Hi Julie K,

      As per the original post by you and other the other representative that messaged me on this blog on 11/13/13, I had gotten in contact with a sears escalation team manager named Jessica who was looking into this matter for me. I have gone back to my order center as you suggested and it still says cancelled with no other information provided to me and statuses remained unchanged. I seriously hope this situation will be rectified.


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      I just received an email stating that my order for a PS4 was cancelled!! I placed this order in August as a Christmas gift, knowing that it would be hard to find when they were released. Earlier today my order status showed it was "delivered". I called customer service at that time, and they couldn't even locate my order number. I then got an email saying that it was being processed and I would be getting a tracking number. Now I'm being notified that it was cancelled! I spoke with customer service and was told that Sears did not get any of the PS4's. Oh...and she offered me ten percent off a future order!! Are you kidding me? I was wrong to put my trust in Sears.

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      heck not only did they not offer me a future discount they are unsure if they can give me back my
      $60.00 of shop your way rewards credit i used to pre order, horrible service!!!!!

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