purchase online, pick up in west lebanon,nh

I want to purchase online with paypal and pick up in west lebanon, nh


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  1. If you're trying to purchase something that says "Sold by Sears" and you want to pick it up at a Sears store, you can do that. If you're trying to purchase something that says "Sold by Kmart" and you want to pick it up at a Kmart, you can do that. If you're trying to cross those two (sold by one but pick up at the other), you can't do that. They can only be picked up at the type of store they're sold by. If you're trying to order something that says "Sold by (Something other than Sears or Kmart)" and pick it up at Sears or Kmart, you can't do that. Those items are part of the Marketplace, a network of third-party online retailers who use space on to sell their products. These items can only be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx (depending on how those retailers choose to deliver), and any delivery charges are determined by the third-party retailer. Any returns for such products must be done directly to the third-party retailer.

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      Unless you choose this option - "The Local Marketplace Program is an online platform launched by Sears that provides Customers
      the ability to place orders on for products sold by local sellers that have contracted
      with Sears to make their products available within a LMP Service Area available for ‘same day’ or
      ‘next day’ delivery, in accordance with one of the following available LMP delivery methods: (a)
      Customer picking up the Merchandise at the Seller’s business location; (b) Customer picking up
      Merchandise at a Sears retail store location; or (c) delivery of Merchandise to Customer’s home
      or workplace.

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      Ah. This is a new facet of the marketplace system. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. :)

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      The registers were patched with the ability to return 3rd party marketplace items to Sears a while ago, the method was not supposed to be used tho, supposedly, back then. Im not wholly sure if you are still allowed to.

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      With LMP, the integration of that in-store return feature now makes sense, assuming the 3rd party product was picked up at the store. However I have honestly not heard anything about it and the return policy still states all 3rd party items be returned to the merchant, using their return policy.

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      Civsci - Thank you for your two reponses, 11:42 & 12:18 above, I have marked them both as "Helpful" although I do not really believe they are, except to show that this would appear to be another case of 'The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing'.

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