Purchased self propelled 21″ mower (model 37490). Mower runs great but right side cutting height is approx 3/4″ lower than left side. Mower has a single lever height adjustment system. Any help to level out mower would be appreciated.


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  1. Thank you for your question. My first suspicion is there is a cracked leg on the mandrel. A crack on the mandrell can and will cause the machine to not cut level. You can replace the mandrel housing if needed but I would turn the machine over and take a look first. I do not expect the wheels/tires to be the problem. It is not unusual for the blade to cut lower in the front than the back but side to side should be the same. I am sure you have checked the wheel adjustments are the same on each side. If you raise one side by one notch does that help? If the adjustment are fine and nothing looks cracked then you may want to take the unit in for service especially is it is new and under warranty.

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