Question about a garage door opener installation

There is an issue with one of the doors. I got my step father a couple openers for Christmas. He does auto body in the garage, A couple years ago, I ran a duct from one room and ran it across the top of the next room, with the bottom cut out with filters so when he turns the fan on, the air is pulled from the other room and distributed across the room from the cutouts. this duct is suspended by bars from one side to the other, allowing the garage door to travel above. So basically I have almost no clearance above the duct and mounted bars. I believe I can get around this by mounting the door bracket on the top edge of the door, instead of being mounted a few inches below the top of the door. If I did it that way the trolley will hit the duct and bars. I want to install it the way it says you can for a single panel (non jointed) door. this door is not the single panel (non jointed) door. It does not say you can mount it like that with the jointed doors, and I cant find anywhere where anyone has had to mount it like that. So im wondering if this can be done. other than possible structural issues from just pulling from the top edge, will there be any other problems. because I plan on reinforcing the bracket and top of door. Will there be any problems like the door opener not being able to pull the door up or anything like that due to it being a awkward angle or something? because I don’t really see why it wouldn’t pull it up from there, since it can pull it up from a few inches below the top edge of door. Id appreciate any help anyone can offer for my question. Id really love to get this done for him since he has helped me out greatly as I deal with my health problems. 2 surgeries for the tumor on my brain, and just finished 30 days of radiation on Tuesday. so I really want to get this done for him. sorry about such a long post, but I felt I had to explain a little bit so I don’t raise more questions like why would you ever want to do that? well thanks everyone


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  1. AcroRuss,
    Thank you for posting this question. I understand why you need to mount the opener this way. I have to tell you I have not seen this done. I suspect it will work as long as the door is strong enough. Once you have the opener connected do not run the opener until you manually open and close the door with the emergency release pulled. Doing this will ensure there is no binding of the trolley or brackets. If everything seems ok go ahead and reconnect the trolley. Then operate the door but be ready to unplug it if there is any problem. If it works fine, go ahead and make the final adjustments.
    Please let me know how this works just in case this question comes up again. Thank you Mark.

  2. Hi AcroRuss! No need to apologize for the length of your post-we love to see such a thorough question! Can you also post the model number of the garage door opener you are looking to install? That can help the Garage Door Expert to give you the best answer. Check back soon for a reply!