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      • San Jose, CA

    Yaa... That AdamO guy sure isn't very edumacated when he done posts about tool decorations or tools in general. The GOOD news is that there does not seem to be no beef with you - Civsci, unlike that AdamO poster.

    Half the time I don't understand what he's talk'n about, neither.

    "Ratchets and Break-Loose-Bars".

    He must have never have had to have gone to work at any time in the past times, while he's talking about Craftsman tool ornaments and Chinese made MUSA tools.


    1. The problem is AdamO is you don't know how to read and understand. I have put in alot more working years than you ever have. You are the one that is talking about the craftsman tool ornaments on every post for every problem. As far as musa tools I've already stated that the Chinese has a black market on most of our American made products including your so-called musa I suggest you do your research. Talking down to people who challenge you only shows your lack of intelligence, that's why you don't understand what I am saying. At least Civsci could use his brains and form complete thoughts.

  1. Hey Civsci! As we are making daily improvements to the site, one of them will be badges for all Associate members. As of now, you are the first Associate with a badge! Keep an eye out for more badging in the future.

  2. Civsci-Thanks for your question. I am double checking on this. Check back soon for an answer!

  3. Most likely it is because the information from the previous site was not moved to this [sarcasm] "new and improved" [/ sarcasm] version of the site. Maybe someone actually noticed your posts and added the tag, or maybe it is a [sarcasm] reward [\sarcasm] for your defense of Sears no matter what the issue

  4. Civsci, I don't mean to attack you personally, just your employer. When people work hard for their money and spend it at Sears and then get treated like alot of us have, with disrespect. Like our money doesn't matter - well that makes people MAD! Why have you been tagged? You're one of the few that jump right in and post on several topics even the "hot" topics that none of your associates want to touch. AdamO doesn't even make sense have the time. All he's worried about is the craftsman tool christmas ornaments. JulieK always give the same answer to everyones ? like a robot. So consider it an honor that we or I should say at least me give your responses a hard time. Notice I said responses and not you. So keep that in mind and by the way I would never stalk you or your house. I live in Alaska on an island with no roads off. So I hope you don't go away then we would be stuck with AdamO who is not exactly a ball of fire. So remember it's not you it's your company that we're upset with okay?

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      Hi Alaskanbikelady! Thanks for your feedback! The site is just 3 weeks old and we are doing what we can to iron out the kinks. All of your thoughts on what is working and what is not are so appreciated! This will help us to make the site better, according to our member's needs. Keep checking back often to see what we have in the works.

      • San Jose, CA

    Congratulations! You are the FIRST. This could be viewed as an honor. Have you set up your profile with your Associate number, in order to receive employee discounts, when ordering online?

    That would put you on a "report", listing correlations of "known" employees with User ID's on the MySears community site.

    Using this logic, I should be getting a Craftsman Community "tag" any time now.

    Or, maybe the person who generates tags happened to read some of your posts and deduced your affiliation with Sears?

    Either way, congrats - honored Associate. You are the FIRST to get this distinction.

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