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  1. None of them! Watch the you tube videos on how they clean. The clothes don't get fully wet until the rinse cycle. Are they really getting clean? I f you want he get a front loader

  2. You want a Top Load Washer and today there are many choices that have a high energy efficiency rating. I have a model to recommend but first let me tell you some things to shop for. There are two new numbers to compare when shopping for a washer.

    The MEF or Modified Energy Factor rates the washer according to energy used to heat water and energy required to run the dryer. New washers' spin much faster so the clothes take a shorter time to dry. The Higher the MEF number is the more energy efficient the washer is.

    WF or Water Factor is another rating given washers. This measures water used per cubic foot of capacity. The Lower the WF number the better.
    The high efficiency washers will save you enough money you can pay for the matchind dryer!

    There is a Kenmore high efficiency washer model 31512 I would recommend. It is a high efficiency washer with a huge 4.7 cubic foot capacity. I tend to do laundry as seldom as possible so I like big capacity washers. If a smaller size will suit you then there are other similar models. I hope this helps.

  3. How many people are you doing laundry for? What size is your largest comforter? Generally, I recommend washing machines with built-in water heaters, for sanitizing towels and sheets of bacteria and germs. Those models will generally be at least 4.6 cubic feet in capacity, which will easily accommodate king-size comforters. They are also going to be the top-tier models. Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore Elite, and LG all have machines that will offer these features. But, without more specific information about your needs and wants, this is a very general recommendation. For smaller HE top-loaders, the Kenmore 26002 and 28002 are very good, as are their Whirlpool and Maytag counterparts (3.6 cubic foot capacity, enough for queen-size comforters).

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