Regarding the question about the baby crib- the problem is that we cannot assemble the crib and Sears has been no help. The Asheville store told my wife Sears did not do assembly. Our plan is to return the crib to the store

The store said Sears did not assemble cribs. We have tried for 3 days with over 8 hours work. The plan is to return the crib to the store but that still does not make us happy with Sears service.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Is some part(s) missing?

    Are holes not lining up?

    Are parts missing?

    Did the store have a display model crib on display that might help you glean more information than a 2-dimensional set of diagrams printed on an assembly sheet of instructions?

  1. Sears stores do not assemble any baby related products due to liability issues.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Have you spoke with the Manager or is this still the conversation in regards to the associate telling your wife "no"?

    I can understand how extremely frustrating assembling a crib can be for having helped my daughter assemble my grand-daughters.

    Do you know which Sears crib it is? There are times that there are detailed steps online that provide better guidance through video form, for which my family had found helpful.

    You can also try calling our Home Services at 1-888-689-1002. I am not seeing crib assembly as an option, but they might be able to refer you to someone who can help.

    Let us know which Sears crib it is and maybe we can find an online video to help with the home assembly if our Sears team is unable to help in that department.

    Thank you!

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