Replaced chainbrake kit on my saw mdl.#358.350990. When I fired it up the bar oil started dumping out.It looks like it’s comeing from behind the bar plate but can’t tell how. The manual does not show the oiler sys. in any detail. What too do??


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      • San Jose, CA

    Sears sells are really good chainsaw carrying case accessory that holds the chainsaw, with a plastic scabbard to cover the bar and chain.

    Any oil seepage will be contained within the black plastic case.

    The cost is $29.99 and comes "flat", before being assembled into its full-sized shape.

    The case works for many either electric or gasoline powered chainsaws.

  1. Thank you for your question. You should understand that as long as the engine is running oil will be dumped out. It doesn't matter if the chain is being used or not. As long as the engine is running even if the chain is not being used oil will be dumped. If the oil leaks with the engine not running then likely you need a new oil pump.

  2. Yikes! My hope is that this is an easy issue to fix Mo_Mo!

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