What is your favorite brand of tire? Have you tried the RoadHandler tires?

Based on customer, Member and associate demand, Sears has decided to re-introduce the RoadHandler tire brand, exclusive to Sears Automotive.

RoadHandler is a classic brand that combines durability and superior performance to give our customers and Members the highest quality tires. When a car is equipped with RoadHandler tires, the only thing to worry about is where to drive next.
RoadHandler tires are:
• Guaranteed – Since RoadHandler tires come with a best-in-class 100,000 mile warranty, they might even outlast your car.
• Durable – RoadHandler tires come complete with unique square belt edge tape technology that is designed to increase durability and reinforce the tire, creating long-term protection against tread separation.
• Designed with weather in mind – With full-depth treads and wide grooves, RoadHandler tires are designed to have outstanding traction in rain and snow.

Check out this great video featuring Cris Carter, pro football analyst, former all-pro wide receiver and frequent traveler, who tested out a set of RoadHandler tires.

Stop by your nearest Sears Auto Center to experience first-hand this amazing tire brand.

What is your favorite brand of tire?  Have you tried the RoadHandler tires?

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