Rude associate at a Sears Outlet store , store # 9284

Hello Searsoutlet customer team -

My feedback is for phone customer service for order # 8112260608 from store #9284. I selected three major kitchen appliances online, and they were all showing to be available from the above store. However, I was having problems checking out as it kept on showing “invalid city, zip and state” combination when i tried to check out. I called the 1-877-xx number, and they helped me navigate this. They also advised that before placing the order, I should call the local store at 512-257-0865 to verify that the items are still available as they don’t have a real time inventory on-line. The customer rep was very patient and nice.

I called the above number (512-257-0865, for store#9284 in Austin, TX) , and asked an associate to help me find if these items are still available before I place my order online. This associate was very rude, brash and not ready to listen. He kept advising me going to website to find out if the items are available, and I told him that I have already done so, and was advised to call your store to verify if they are available or not. But, he kept making fun of me that I did not know how to use the website, and how he spends his time helping people navigate the website when he should be helping customers. He repeated couple of times that he cannot help me shop on line. I said to him that I don’t need help shop online, I only needed him to look up three items from their item numbers, and verify if he has them or not in his store. He refused, saying he is very busy with customers , and I should drive in to find if the items are available or not. I told him that I am moving to this new home in TX, and I am remotely shopping these appliances so that they are ready and installed before I move in, and I cannot drive to his store as I am in Utah. But, he sneered again and expressed his frustration that he cannot help me shop online. This call was made around 1:00 PM CT on 8/11/13.

Although I understand that when I place an order online, the order is first verified by local sears store before credit card is charged, all I was trying to do is follow the advise of 1-877-xx Searsoutlet number and do due diligence before placing the order online. Given the customer service I experienced at this store, I am not sure if I will return back to Searsoutlet for future business. I am in the process of upgrading my other kitchen appliances, and also my kitchen counter-tops. Not sure if I can work with someone who is so rude, not listening, and just acts pricey and too important.


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  1. Dear sachin81_agar,

    Hi, my name is Dee M. with the Sears Cares Team. I am sorry to hear you had difficulties with receiving the correct information you needed when you called the Sears outlet store in Austin Texas. We'd like to offer our assistance in making sure your concerns are addressed and everything is satisfactory. We appreciate the opportunity to help and at your earliest convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (sachin81_agar), phone # used at time of purchase to

    Thank you,

    Dee M.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Hello Dee M -

      Thanks for the response. Some more follow up : i received an email on 8/12 saying that my order is cancelled as the appliances are not in inventory at the store. This is precisely what i was trying to avoid by calling in at the store before placing the order online. The reason i have to do this is because i am moving to a new state, and i want my appliances installed before i actually make the move. Now, there quite a few things which are broken :

      1. Rude associate, as described above, did not help me find if the appliances are in inventory. I had the item#s handy to make his job easier - just punch in the numbers in your computer, and say yay or nay.

      2. On Monday morning, i received a verification email request to confirm my identity. This was because my billing address and shipping address were different. That is completely OK. But, then a few hours later, i received the email that the order is cancelled. Shouldnt the verification done after an order has been verified ?

      I will email the above information to

    2. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Hello Dee M -

      A quick follow up to see if you have some more progress on this.

    3. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Hello sachin81_agar,

      My name is Trent and I am also with the Sears Cares Team. We're sorry to hear your issue has yet to be resolved. We will ensure your case manager receives your message and we will request contact. We thank you for your continued patience.

      Thank you,

      MySears Community Moderator

    4. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      The comedy of error continues. I was informed that only 2 of my 3 appliances that i ordered online were not in stock, but the refrigerator would be delivered on 8/16/2013 between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM CT. Since i am remote to the delivery location, i called the delivery hotline and asked if they can give my friend a heads up 30 minutes before delivery so that she can be present to receive delivery. They seemed to note down the number of my friend, and said that they can do that.

      No delivery received, no communication received on 8/16 after the scheduled delivery time was over. I called delivery hotline, and was transferred to customer care. Waited for about 45 mins before a rep answered, and said she needs to check with warehouse as they had picked up the order. Another 15 minute hold, and then i was informed that the delivery was attempted today morning, but there was no one present to receive the delivery, and i have to pick it up from the store, or re-pay the delivery charge.

      I just dont get it. How difficult could it be to order , and receive delivery ? Why is there so much miscommunication within Sears outlet ? Why was my friend not called before the delivery was attempted ?

      I still havent received any contact from any case manager. It has been a week since my order was placed, on 8/11, and still no updates, addressing the issue, or even getting the appliances. I dont know how sears outlet expects its customer to come back.

    5. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      The saga continues. I got a call saying the delivery was never attempted on 8/16 as the store did not have the item ready to be picked up. But, as said previously, no one bothered to call about it, and i had a friend on standby for 2 hours.
      Now, i am being told that the entire transaction,all 3 items have been cancelled, and i will have to re-start a new transaction. When i inquired that i was already charged for the previous item, i was told that i will be receiving a credit back, and my new charges will be reflected separately. It seem that the new charges were elevated, so the refund amount was not matching with what i was told on phone and what i was seeing on the card statement. The execuse for that was, whoever did the previous refund for 2 items which were not in stock, did not do it correctly. I have been asked to be patient for 2 weeks before the card balances out, but at the same time a new charge will appear for a new transaction.

      Honestly, i havent seen this much pathetic mismanagement and confusion with any other organization. All i was trying to do is order online, and receive appliances.

      At this point, i dont think anyone cares, neither the customer care, nor individual stores. No one has any answers, no one knows what is going on, and why the delivery was missed, no one informed me, and then i have to re-ring the entire charges immediately, but wait 2 weeks for any refunds. Does this strike as out of ordinary to anyone, or is it just "business as usual" ?

    6. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Probably this is my last post here as there is no movement from the sears care team, which Dee, Trent and moderator have individually claimed to be "wonderful". If the expectation is to wait for week or more, have delivery rescheduled without notice, charged twice, and getting yelled at for any sort of appliance delivery from online ordering, i wish to inform that you are mistaken. Best wishes to the "wonderful" Sears Care team, your case managers, and the management of Sears Outlet store. I am sure the thread will be removed soon, so that the rhetoric of "wonderful" Sears Care team continues. Thanks all for paying attention !

    7. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Hi sachin81_agar,

      I know apologizing is not helping this issue to get resolved, and I have reached out to our Sears Cares team on your behalf that this is a priority status this morning.

      You have been more than patient through all that you have experience, and I will be continuing to monitor this thread in helping to make this right.

      In the MySears Community, threads are not deleted. Our members feedback and experiences help in growth, and it shows us the areas that we still need to grow in in areas of providing more of a positive shopping experience for our customers.

      Again we thank you for keeping us posted!

    8. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Sachin81_agar, we truly apologize for the troubles you are having with receiving updates from your case manager. We have forwarded your posts over to your case manager for contact. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you,
      Liz R.
      My Sears Social Media Moderator

    9. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Thanks Liz. I have been under the impression that all my posts so far had been forwarded to the case manager, and if so, how is today different than any other previous issues. Somehow, none of your case manager(s) have had any humility to call or contact me so far, it seems to be nothing more than empty promises. It feels like these case managers are behind a wall, and no amount of yelling, emailing (from you) gets to them. Please feel free to forward this one again, maybe one of the case managers wakes up to pay some attention.

      But then again, whats the harm if one crummy customer walks away unhappy. But perhaps someone realizes - in last 5 years, Sears holdings Corp stocks have gone half in value, and if you continue with this "wonderful" lip-service team, it would slowly but surely erode further. My friends, co-workers, and extended family have and will here about my "wonderful" experience with this Sears.

      I consider myself as a reasonable person - i dont usually take time to rant online, and beg for attention. But, it seems just ridiculous that i have been charged twice, no delivery after being promised, 2 out of 3 items cancelled, and no information on when i might expect the next delivery "attempt".

    10. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Thanks Wendy. It seems you have taken a note of my frustration, and i do like it when you say "apologizing will not make it right". Exactly ! Thanks ! I dont need false "i apologize" and "thanks for shopping with us" any more, but someone who understands that there is a real problem - and takes some steps to correct it, rather than call me an offer me a 5% discount on my next shopping for my "inconvenience" (No one has done that, but i fear that's what is coming). That would be brushing the matters under carpet. Only if someone could have taken a look at the matter, talked to concerned person in the store, asked them what the matter was and why were the compelled to behave rudely, talked to their manager, and taken a cognizance to make sure things would just work for the remaining part of the order (i.e have one out of three items delivered), it would have been much easier on all of us. But of course, any real action is too much to ask these days, especially since we have so many of these "wonderful teams" around. Only if we had a normal, and more importantly functional team(s), we would not be in the mess we are currently. Atleast i wouldnt be sitting this weekend, wondering what did i do wrong that has had 2 out of 3 orders being cancelled, charged twice for the remaining 1 item, not being delivered at promised time, and no one knows when the delivery will be attempted next time.

    11. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      I finally got a call from Sears Cares team yesterday, Saturday at 3:00 PM MT. As expected, the lady had no idea of what is going on, and had not cared to read the notes. She started the conversation by saying "i understand you have a question about a delivery charge". Huh ? I tried explaining to her the long litany, and how i have been charged twice for the same appliance (refrigerator) and also how there is no delivery being scheduled for the same so far. In the end she promised to follow up with me on Monday after finding what the delivery schedule would be.

      Today, Sunday, 8/18/13, i received an automated call from Sears delivery that my order has been delayed and i should call back. I called back, spoke to a different delivery hotline person, and was informed that delivery of my washer and dryer was delayed. Huh again ? My washer and dryer order was cancelled per email earlier in the week from Sears, and all i was expecting is that refrigerator be delivered at my home. She said she had no update about refrigerator delivery, but sees in her system that the dryer and washer have not been cancelled.

      Usually, these days companies use internet and internal company network so that there computers are connected. Sears seems to be using USPS to communicate between various departments. No two departments have the same order status.

      At this point, all i want is - my refrigerator either be delivered in a pre-scheduled window, or the order be cancelled all togather. And, i have been charged twice for the refrigerator - once online while ordering, and once by the store manager as he saw the entire online order cancelled due to missing the delivery window.

      But again, its too much to ask. I can imagine a person grinning at the other end, thinking they have charged me twice, and now i will have to beg and borrow and steal to get one of the charge back, and the refrigerator delivered. Imagine, this order is from a store 8 miles from my home, and its so difficult for Sears outlet to get the order straight.

    12. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      Hi sachin81_agar,

      As mentioned, I have been continuing to monitor and do appreciate the updates on this issue for I would really like to see this resolved for you.

      Again, I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and keeping us posted!

    13. In response to SHC-DeniseM


      I received an automated call on 8/18, Sunday, confirming re-delivery window for my refrigerator to be today, 8/19. As has been the norm, no one showed up today to deliver. When i called the Sears customer care, i was informed that the delivery has been rescheduled for 8/21, and they did not have a reason on why the delivery was not done today as the system does not has the information.

      I again had my friend on a 2 hour standby today. She had left the work early to work from her house as her house is near my house, and we were both awaiting a pre-call so that she could receive delivery on my behalf.

      I have went ahead and cancelled the order. I cant keep playing this game any more. This is the second time that a delivery has been missed, and without notice.

      Thanks for all the support. I know you cant do much Wendy to get this straight, but i appreciate your attention. Maybe, at some point, someone decides to do an investigation into this this thread to make things easier for others.

      Now, i am just awaiting the credit card charges (charged twice already for the same item) to return. I have been told by customer care while order cancelling that it will take 10 business days to return the charges. I will wait, and am half afraid that the charges will not be returned because things have a way of breaking down in Sears Outlet and the entire infrastructure.

      BTW, i was promised a call by the case manager today, but never received one. But thats besides the point now as i have cancelled the order. This is what i mean by people waiting for a case to die its natural death. Moving on.

    14. In response to SHC-DeniseM


      I completely understand for this is has been a long battle for you, one that you have so patiently waited for a better outcome.

      Thank you for being such a valued member of our Community and keeping us involved by sharing your experiences with us every step of the way. I just wish that it could have worked out better for you.

      I wish you well, and again, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to post your final thoughts on this whole experience.

    15. In response to SHC-DeniseM


      We're sorry to hear about the continued troubles you have had with this situation. We will forward your post to your case manager's attention.

      Thank you,
      David W.
      MySears Community Moderator

    16. In response to SHC-DeniseM

      I am still receiving annoying automated calls from Sears multiple times a day saying "my order delivery has been delayed, please call back 1-877-xx to hear about details". I have called back the 1-877-x number and have been informed that my order has been cancelled, so they are not sure why i am receiving the calls. I have added this number to my block list, but an FYI, just how inefficient, irritating Sears can get. Of course, as usual, this will get forwarded to your "case manager" who is "reviewing" these notes.

      • San Jose, CA

    Remote shopping at the box store.

    Here's the thing: Store people are managed and "graded" according to their store sales.

    While the remote Internet shopping feature is a marvelous service, that has enlisted every store in the US to help support it, the employee measurements remain "local".

    Throw in decreased number of store people being scheduled during the non-holiday times and you have a dilemma.

    Given a phone call versus a living/ breathing customer who drove to the store for service, the employee measurements are going to favor the in-person customer, EVERY time.

    Perhaps the online system could incorporate an employee ID field to NOTE someone at a physical store location that helped finalize your decision to remote purchase an item from that store?

    1. I think you have hit the nail in the head - the place this problem stems from. I totally understand the point your are making. But, at the same time, there is a wide gap in what a customer faces, and vs what he/she expects.

      My expectation , if i am not wrong, were very reasonable. But, getting literally yelled at, and being made a fun of, was uncalled for. Further, if the associate is busy with someone, perhaps the phone could have been let to go to voice mail, or if attended to, a response like "sorry, we currently don't have the bandwidth to handle calls of this nature. I apologize, but let me get your phone no, and have someone give you a call later, either today or tomorrow. Does that work for you ?" would have been more in-place.
      The way associate behaved cannot be justified by him being graded according to sales in store, or by him being busy. It smells of arrogance, and to a large extent of "I don't care about you, as we are doing enough business in this store. Please feel free to take your business elsewhere".

        • San Jose, CA

      You are probably going to do better with the Sears Cares team.

      These individuals are Paid to solve specific problems on a case by case basis and have access to an eMail and Voice Mail system.

      The store folks have the store resources and have jobs that require more of a Triage approach to customer service - leading to individual sales.

      With stretched resources available, at best, from most stores, I'm sorry to say the inter-organizational mis-matches of resources and tools will probably not be address any time soon.

      While some places exist only on the Internet or inside of buildings only, the Sears system is attempting to do both virtual and real-time/ in person sales of product.

      The order filling process has become much more complicated, requiring greater resources than some of the corporate individual units are capable of managing at a 100 percent transaction rate.

      Hopefully, the Sears Cares team can resolve you specific issue(s).

      Good luck.

    2. Hi Adam -

      You are good in your analysis, and seems to know how things work. Perhaps you can help me understand why the Sears Cares team, which has access to emails and vmails, take more than a week even to acknowledge they are working with someone ? I will attempt an explanation below.

      The work culture today is aligned towards passing on an issue knowingly to different organizations within a company, so as to get your target number of tickets, and keeping your manager happy. The managers in turn are worried about keeping their managers happy. So, the hope now-a-days is that an issues dies its natural death by time, or passed around and thrown around in different organizations till the concerned person is no longer concerned. This malaise is truly saddening, and in no way limited to any one company or organization. Alas, gone are the days when people used to take pride in their work, used to feel offended if someone points a finger to their organization, and work ethically to really resolve an issue, rather then brush it under the carpet. Everyone wants to get "off the hook" now a days, and no one really cares.

      That's too much of philosophy while buying a bunch of appliances. I have been luck so far, perhaps, but running into Sears Outlet has made me aware of how deep the "i dont care" has really seeped in.

  2. Hi sachin81_agar!

    I am so sorry to hear of the treatment that you had just endured for Sears prides itself in making it a positive experience for our valued customers! I understand completely the request you had been making for it should have not have turned into the ordeal of making you feel as if you had done something wrong by following through as Customer Service had requested.

    We have a wonderful SearsCares team who would love to help make this right for you in regards to the service you had received as well as if still wishing to order.

    If you can please check back periodically one of SearsCares members will be responding by requesting a little bit more information from you. This information in turn will be given to a dedicated case manager to help resolve all issues.

    Again, we thank you for bringing this to our attention in the MySears Community and a chance to help make this right for you!

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