School’s almost out!

I can’t BELIEVE summer is just about here. Anyone have any exciting plans for the summer? Travel? Camps? Block parties? Even just puttering around your garden or yard counts!


2 answers

  1. We are taking our trip earlier than planned!

    We will be traveling down the Oregon coast into California stopping to see the Undersea Gardens as well as the big sea lions by the docks. Another place we were hoping to stop by and visit was the Prehistoric Gardens. Oregon is very bi-polar so we have to play it by ear on our trip down.

    This weekend we will be in Reno NV having a big family gathering. This will be the first time my grand-daughter will be meeting her cousins. Lots of outdoor activities going on with sight-seeing, riding quads and motor bikes.

    Other than that, moving to back to the Oregon Coast and playing on the beaches.

    So far it looks like the beaches are the places to go this summer!

  2. My family is FINALLY doing a summer beach trip this year to the Outer Banks, NC. I am sooooo excited! I haven't been to the Outer Banks in years. Really looking forward to that trip. Other than that, no big plans for us this summer.