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  1. @lindiloo - Sears will run two specials. One for Thanksgiving, and another for Black Friday. These will be in the ads released. Stores that are not opening Thanksgiving are unable to match the Thanksgiving deals once the promotion ends. If you live in such a state, you would have to buy online to get those deals.

  2. One of the VERY few times I'm happy about blue laws. :) Our store can't open Thursday 8pm because it would break the law. YAY!

  3. Will the black Friday deals start at 8:00pm, or will they be later?

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      Not sure yet. Most likely Sears will do what it did last year. Have specials for the early hours, ones that run the whole time, and other specials that are for the closing hours.

      • San Jose, CA

    I could get a Craftsman ornament TONIGHT!

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