SEARS CARE really CARE! Why should a customer complain?- A story to share

I am updating the story as a new subject to keep it fresh and not reply to the MySEARS community moderator directly. I am not sure if it is a computer generated respond or if it is a real person.
Again, thanks for mySEARS community moderator’s quick response …. up to now, here is the accumulated costs & efforts on trying to replace a refgi relay switch. The job is not yet finished or knowing if that is the problem. I am also not sure if a real person is reading my feedback or a software is looking at it. Regardless, the mail is really for you, a customer like me.

My side
- Refrigerator has been out of service for more than a month now …everything there went to trash
- Paid $410.15 for service already
- Taking off from work 4 days to wait for serviceman arrive
- Spent at least 6 + hours on phone with Sears Service to figure out how to make next appointment
- Spend hours on phone trying to find a way to state my case which is MySears Community
Sears Side
- At least 8 service operator patiently listened and talked to me …. Not much help
- 4 technician from A&E service made house visit … has not fixed problem yest
- SEARs computer automatic generated respond letter …. A good quick response but meant nothing
- Two or three SEARS SHC customer service respond to my case on web … Should I feel better??
- Not knowing how many others behind the curtain trying to make the big bureaucratic machine to run ..
I guess, a little customer as me should have no complain but feel very happy and honored that this is a very complicated job. All the above people have put a great efforts on trying to fix it. Thanks God, I am real lucky.

Does SEARS really cares about their customer? A story to share

On 10/2, I had provide a feedback as well as comment to “customer care” – subject “Are there any good reasons for a customer come back to SEARS” as following and I am continue the story

I had SEARS Home service to repair refrigerator. First tech came and diagnosed the problem to have the part in next day; however, the next available appointment was three weeks later. Another technician came to put the part on. The air is not cold, but he assured me that it works and will need to wait for a few hours to cool. He could not wait and left. hours later, obviously, nothing has been fixed. I called the 1-888 numbers “concerns about your service call today? Call our Resolution Hotline now”. The person promised that he will call the tech and call me back in a few minutes, nothing happened. I waited to call back again after a few hours. Another person told me that I have to call back on the repair number next day for next available appointment which is weeks later. I looked the card SEARS Home service left to me.. It says ..We’re here to help; we’re always here when you need us. We have the expertise and know-how to ensure every job is done right. … What a joke, am I missing something…..?
“SEARS Cares” respond quickly with standard letter, asked for information etc. …. Not sure what all about in helping the situation.
However, the frustration continues. I am waiting for the fifth service appointment now. The third and fourth call did come at the same day (not with MySEARS’s help but the operator on the service call). The third call did not fix the problem; the fourth call said that the previous calls fixed wrong part. and he has to reorder a new part. Now the part came and I called service which again I have to wait another week (at least not three weeks as the first/second call). I asked the service operator, if I can get a prompt service as they responded to the third and fourth calls after all I have been through? She transferred me to “SEARS Solution” who can offer the assistance. Very disappointing, it meant nothing but “#%@^&…@!”. I thanked her for trying but said that all SEARS did was wasted both her and my time. Apologize is not the solution. I am wondering what are “SEARS SERVICE” “SEARS Solution” and “SEARS Cares” really means but a series of bureaucratic process to make a customer think that they are treated with attention but really what are nothing but a process to waste their and our money and times,…. I really hope SEARS and A&E factory service (the contractor they used same as Best Buy, Lowe, Home Depot, H H Greg) can understand their problem. I am not sure now if SEAR SERVICE still has the mind to still service a customer with such harsh feedback or has a mind to truly make it right ..

A very unhappy customer


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  1. Dear Mda8888,

    We are sorry for the continued frustration. We have forwarded this new information to your case manager for attention, and requested that they attempted to reach out to you again. We thank you for your patience, as we look forward to assisting with this situation.

    Thank you,
    Brian S.
    MySears Community Moderator