Sears CEO stepping down – thoughts anyone?

The details are here:
The same article shows a project loss for Q4 and that same store sales are down for the year to Dec 29


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  1. Probably followed by another round of store closings to improve the bottom line some more...

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      The projected loss was because of the pension contribution.

      Excluding pension expenses, Sears said it expects to earn $132 million to $212 million, or $1.25 to $2 per share.

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      Highly likely I would guess.

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      To Civsci - Still the optimist!

  2. Haven't read the articles, but he is stepping down due to family health issues. Edward Lampert will assume the CEO position in February for the first time.

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      In pre-market trading SHLD shares went up but after the market opened they are taking a bit of a nose-dive. Only time will tell.