Sears clearly doesn’t care. I’ve had 4 deliveries from Sears Outlet of high end appliances that were not useable for reasons varying from arriving in pieces to being cracked on installation. I have made over 15 emails and the same amount of phone calls and I have been home on 6 separate occasions to wait for delivery/ pick up/ install/ re-install/ dismantle by Sears. I still have no appliances and having waisted months on installation/ delivery/ pick up/ refunds of much anticipated appliances which were in perfect condition before leaving the store, I am beyond upset. So what should I do? Give Sears another shot or try another merchant? Sears offered me 15% off one item as compensation for all the problems they caused!! I don’t think Sears Cares at all!

This is the response I got from Sears after I asked for a more senior manager to look over my issues!!:-
I am a Case Manager in the Executive Offices and I am empowered to address your concerns.
I can assure you your concerns have not gone ignored. We want you to be a satisfied customer; that is why for customer satisfaction I offered you a 15% product discount.
I am sorry to hear that the offer I made is not satisfactory.
Please let me know if you would like to take advantage of this offer.
Thank you,
Lori S.
Blue Ribbon Service Case Manager


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  1. Mcb64, my name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We are truly sorry for the mishaps you have encountered with one of our outlet stores. If you would, please send the following information – contact #, case number, screen name (mcb64), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank, you Liz R. My Sears Social Media Moderator

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    So. Are the frequency of visits not adequate or the compensation for deliver and installation complication the problem?

    Do you own or have a friend with a pickup truck or van?

    That would be one way to reduce damage concerns with the delivery of any future appliances.

    The installers could still come out to do the actual installation of the machines.

    1. ADAM O

        • San Jose, CA

      I "used" to work at Sears and like to occasionally "come back" to help trouble shoot some of the customer problems.

      Finding old tool catalogs was a post I contributed to (e of Bay listings).

      I also contribute to the Craftsman Community site, where the posters tend to be more DIY than many of the folks on this MySears site.

      I restore old tools.

      So. I do tend to look at the Service concerns from a different perspective than many of the posters.

      Preventative Maintenance is a good thing to do.

      Reading the Owner's manual USE & Care sections got my half-off on a Craftsman chipper/ shredder.

      Although knowing the long model number of the machine being discussed will always allow a contributor to bring more to a thread, some of the basic first diagnostic steps can ease many people's "pain", too.

      I even have some "out of the box" observations and suggestions to offer in the form of back-up equipment to ease the existing emergency and make any future Murphy's Law incidents more palletable.

      I someone owns a chean saw, maybe a hand pruning saw might come in handy, during any down-time or an excess of help is around for doing a project?

      If the main fridge is dead or sick, maybe a mini fridge will ease the number of trips to the store, looking for fresh ice?

      I also post pictures of many of the Craftsman tools on the Craftsman Community site, to help folks restore their golden oldies and to add a little perspective to the breadth of Craftsman products Sears has offered folks, over the years, since 1927.

      I also have NO requirement to apologize or even "smile" while trying to help folks who have found their way onto the site.

      I used to repair the Craftsman ratchets at the Eastridge store, too.

      You bring one of your old Craftsman tools and I'll bring one of my own to start the conversation.

      Sadly, the private posting capability was lost when the Craftsman Community site was redone.

      Pictures can be shared at that site, if you sign up as a member (free).

  2. Hi mcb64!

    We appreciate you updating us on this issue for we truly hope that this can be resolved soon!

    Thank you!