Sears Lawn Tractor w/ Briggs Stratton engine. Model has “totally automatic transmission” which works great. My small lawn tractor (don’t have model number because it is pouring down rain) was working perfecty Saturday morning. I ran over a nail and had to stop to fix that. I had to jack the tractor up to remove the wheel. When I got the wheel back on, the tractor started but I could not get the transmisson to engage in reverse or forward. It had worked an hour earlier. I checked all the things I could think of including the little lock mechanism. Any suggestions


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  1. Hi mik55jen, it sounds like when you put the tire back on the axle the key was displaced. The axle and the rim have a groove that the key fits in, the key is a sliver of metal about the size of a match stick and probably is laying on the ground wherever you put the tire back on. Without the key in place the axle will spin but can't drive the wheel.

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      I discovered the "key" item when changing the tire. I did make sure it was back in the wheel when I put it back on. I will check that again though. I appreciate the suggestion greatly.

  2. Welcome, mik55jen! Thanks for posting your question today. I am sure one of the Lawn and Garden Experts can recommend a suggestion or two to get your tractor to engage properly. Check back right here for an answer soon.


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      Hello, based on the description provided, I suggest purging the transmission. this process is covered in your owners manual.
      If you need an owners manual go Managemylife .com and select manuals. You will need your model number.

      Ron H.

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      Ron, Thank you. Your "purge" comment stikes a cord. Seems like a tech did that about 3 years ago. I'll look up the process in the manual and give that a try. Appreciate the heads up on Have a great week.

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