Sears misleading advertisement online…in-store, different story! Help from corporate please…

Please…. Will corporate management from respond? I am being told two different stories from a sales manager and a supervisor from the same store including a misleading online advertisement @ of which was not honored by the supervisor of the store. My father has had a Sears account/charge card with Sears since 1968 and has been a loyal and frequent buyer. Throughout the years, he has bought several refrigerators from Sears and needs to buy another (his current fridge no longer works). He wants to buy in cash and he will pick it up from the store, however, he is being told different stories. At this point, I need somebody from Sears Corporate to contact me. I am his daughter. Whomever can contact me from corporate, I’d appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Danielle C.


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  1. Hi Danielle! Welcome to MySears Community!

    We appreciate you reaching out today for your feedback is very important to us. We would like to reach out further to the appropriate management team on this issue in sharing your concerns.

    If possible, can you please provide us a store number or location of the Sears Outlet store?

    Thank you!