Sears Newest Commercial – Must See


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  1. "Must See" is the name of the commercial *rolls eyes*

      • San Jose, CA

    So. Speaking from an employee motivational performance point of view, How do you GET the actors to run into an appliance so darned HARD?

    Now, if people stocked and sold items, with that much ZEAL, things would really be moving at the stores!

      • San Jose, CA

    Here I thought that the human owners were breaking and returning everything.

    The big'ol flat TV screen is broke. What happened? My kid go upset about losing and through the game controller at the TV.

    And, he/she SCORED! Aren't you proud of them?

    I'd go with the "dogs did it", it doesn't reflect on a person's parenting skills as negatively...

    New Product Idea: Remote- resistant flat-screen TV transparent shield attachment

  2. Civsci is there new special needs employee. I'll have to check out the video it sounds um... Searish

      • San Jose, CA

    I liked the commercials. Except for not talking on a Cell Phone, while everything was being loaded, that dog featured commercial really hit-home.

    1. It should it's in your family.

  3. That ending is really, really funny! I laughed out loud!