Sears order pick up

My order from Sears is ready for pick up. Can I pick it up two days later? How long will Sears keep the merchandise available for pick up?



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  1. Hi Tad2012! Thanks for posting your question today. Your local store will hold your order for 14 days. What did you purchase to be picked up?

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      Thanks for replying to my question. I ordered a bread machine today and will have time to pick up on Thursday. I have looked up at but I could not find any information about this.

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      Great! Have fun with it-I actually just had some super delicious bread a friend made the other day in her breadmaker. Definitely inspired me to look into getting one soon!

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      Can i call the store an have them hold it longer because I put pick up at store because it was not longer available online and I'm not going to be able to pick up my item till 20 days because I'm currently station out of state got the iteam closer to my home because its a christmass present but they told me only I could pick it up?

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      Hi Army657,

      Yes, please call your local store of pick-up, and let them know the reason as to why you are unable to pick up and request to see if they can hold longer for you.

      Thank you!