Sears policy on water heaters is ****. When their product fails, you have to wait 5 days for them to come verify it, plus pay them 79.99 for them to cover your warranty. That is ****


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    What is the long model number of the water heater and how long has it been owned/ in operation?

    Have yearly preventative maintenance checks been arranged with Sears service, for items purchased with the option Protection Agreement?

    What period of time was your purchased Protection Agreement set up for?

  1. Dear Jdr03210,

    My name is Brian, and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalation Team. We are truly sorry for the delay in having your water heater issue corrected. I do see that you have worked with a case manager in our department previously. We will forward this to your case manager for attention.

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  2. Labor (the $79.99 charge) is only covered if it's still the first year under the manufacturer's limited warranty, or if there's a protection agreement. This has always been the case. A technician's verification is required because, if it weren't, dishonest people could buy a water heater, call saying it failed every year (even if it didn't), and get free water heaters that they could then sell. While I'm sure you're not one of these people, if there's a way to cheat the system to get free money, lots of people either have done or will do it. I've seen hundreds of people try to pull all kinds of nonsense to get free products, either by theft or by lying. To avoid essentially throwing away thousands of water heaters per year to fraudsters, verification is required. It's unfortunate that an extremely dishonest minority ruins the honor system for the honest people, but that's the reality.

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      A simple solution to the problem would be to charge the customer the service call, but if the problem is covered under warranty, wave or refund that amount. Someone who is trying to pull a scam will end up having to pay, but the honest customer who has a warrantied issue will not.

      The real fact is that this is Sears' way to make warranty claims pay for themselves, or even make a profit, the customer be darned.

  3. Once their tech decides it's leaking you have to wait another 8 to 10 days for them to replace it. So when all is said and done you are without hot water for 2 weeks. I think my family and I will be going to Eddie Lampert's house to shower and do laundry... boy has he ruined this company

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      Replacement of a water heater should be processed by the next day at the latest, with installation usually available the day after. There's little reason for it to take a week or more, unless it's an unusual model that isn't carried at a distribution center. What model number is the new water heater supposed to be?