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  1. You forgot to factor the other quarter of the company:

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      29% gain in profits by SHOS:

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      Two points. 1. SHOS is now spun off from SHLD. As I believe SHLD supply approximatey 80% of the goods for SHOS the increase or decrease in volume will have some effect on SHLD. And 2. Yes their profits are up but their stock has fallen, admittedly only marginally, to below what it was when their shares started trading on the NASDAQ

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      SHLD currently supplies all of SHOS inventory. does not differentiate between Hometown or Sears owned stores. They are not treated as 3rd party.

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      Could you answer this please, what is the source of your information that SHLD supplies all of the SHOS inventory? You may be correct, I seem to remember reading that it was approximately 80% but cannot now locate that article. Thank you.