Sears unethical and unprofessional. This is for customers to know what to expect when Sears takes your money and won’t return it. After various lies and promises to contact you, you will eventually receive an email saying before they return your money you have to send over a bill. Then you will send that over a few times, but they “never” get it. And you will still be without your money. Way to do business Sears. Best chance of receiving something will be filing a lawsuit, which is in process.


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  1. I agree. I will never buy anything else at sears. I had a PlayStation 4 delivered yesterday. Box was beat to ****. I should have taken that as a warning and returned it asap. Instead I said maybe it was just the exterior of the box. Opened the box to find that even the Sony packaging had been damaged. PlayStation looked fine without a scratch but doesn't seem like the disc drive wants to take discs very reliably. Went on to return it thinking there would be no problem. I though wrong. Apparently I am supposed to send it to Sony and wait a week or 2 for them to send me a replacement. Which may be refurbished. Even though I haven't had the ps4 for 24hrs yet. Only store around who wouldn't return this. Will never shop here again. I suggest going to Walmart or target for your electronic needs. They have a better grasp of good customer service. The manager I dealt with was rude when she walked up. Before I even said a work to her. This was the palm beach gardens mall store.

  2. Hello, I am so sad to know that there is some else going through the same horrible experience with these thieves. I purchase an air a condition on June 2, paid half wit my sears card and half with my business card, the clerk ran my cards several times because of mistakes she had made and every time she promised that she refunded my account. Two days later I realized that I have been charged three times but only once has been reversed, when to talk to manager and she advised me to wait 10 days for the error to clear. Since then I have been I the store about 8 times and even the manager from electronics has written emails to the corporate office requesting the refund an nothing. I'm red with frustration and now I have made an appointment with a legal advisor who represent clients in small claims court to se if I can get my money back from these crooks. Please let me know the final outcome on your case.
    Best regards.

  3. Did you use a credit card for the purchase? I got nowhere by directly corresponding with Sears about a refund problem. After a few weeks, I told my credit card company I wanted to dispute the charge. It wasn't long after that before Sears finally admitted their mistake.

      • San Jose, CA

    The GAS prices are way too high in this area, too!

    I'm NEVER going to buy gas locally again!

    The gas stations around here are ALL crooks.

    They take your money and sell you gas that can eat out the plastic pipes and tubing of your machines.

    It's a conspiracy, to make us pay higher machine maintenance and service costs.

    That's no way to do business.

    Who wants to start a class-action law suite?

    I remember when gas was MUCH less expensive and the petrol companies "stood behind" their products, with greater quality fuel.

    You're lucky if the gas you buy today lasts 30 days, before starting to separate and "go bad".

    I've been a loyal petrol customer since I was around 16!

    I tried to return some old, over 30 day old gas, and they wouldn't take the fuel back and credit my account.

    1. Sir,

      Really? Is that the best you could fashion? Pretty sad for a man who has nothing to do but sit around and wait for his gas to separate. The gas is a government regulation issue; nothing to do with Sears Holding Corporation. Perhaps your mother never told you, "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right" So, point your oddly positioned antenna towards Washington when it comes to gasoline formulations.

  4. Hi Nosears123456789,

    It is really unfortunate that you are having a negative experience with Sears. We apologize for any inconvenience that was caused. Can you please elaborate your case & let us know what the issue has been? We will have our Customer Care network help you out and try our best to get it all sorted for you.

    Please do respond so that we can help you at the earliest!

    1. In response to SHC-NiviK

      Hello, how come you sound so helpful once the person is forced to post the negative experience online for everyone to read,but when you are trying to get you problem resolved by dealing directly with the store manager and corporate office you are being treated as a joke. I am very frustrated with the treatment received from Sears.