So, I am told the HE front loaders only use 11.2 gallons of water. How in the world would that work to get your clothes clean?

Because my clothes were not coming clean and smelled terrible, a technician came out yesterday to check my Kenmore HE frontloader and stayed for about forty minutes. He said my machine is clean, running perfectly, and I am doing everything right as far as how I use it. He said the machine has no odor whatsoever. His only suggestion for the “stink” in my clothes is that the HE Frontloader only uses 11.2 gallons of water for an entire load. He told me I will never get that “downy fresh” smell again using this machine. There is nothing I can do about this, it is just the way it is. I can hardly believe that Kenmore/Sears would make a washing machine that does not clean your clothes. The tech said what I am smelling is “bacteria”. I am astounded and shocked and it is beyond awful that this product, which cost me over $600.00, does not get my clothes clean and this is supposed to be acceptable?? Now what? Any suggestions?


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  1. Hi Lisa666, I was following this thread and from what you have said your washer is needing to be cleaned. The problem with front load washers is that they need to be cleaned regularly and this will help eliminate the odor inside of the washer and on your clothes. If you took an item of clothes you say is smelly from the washer and use a sink and warm water and hand wash the item does the water turn soapy. If the answer is yes you have a problem with the washer and the pump being shudged with old detergent. The detergent you need to be using is a HE detergent and clean the washer as in the video I will link you to. Here is the link you will need to cut and paste. This video is a good watch about the problems of odor in front load washers and if you follow the links listed under this video you will find more information about the detergent use and the type to use and how to avoid odors being left on your clothes. Try my little test and post back and let me know the results. Bill

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      Bill, thanks again. But you don't understand. I clean my machine every month, inside and out. The tech that came out said I am doing everything right. He said there was absolutely NO ODOR. He ran a cycle and there were NO SUDS. My machine is clean. The gaskets are clean. There is no odor. While I appreciate your input, I do everything right, including following the guidelines in the book. I use only HE detergent and have tried a lot of them. I will try to take a smelly item from the washer and put it in the sink, but I would think the tech would have saw the problem if there was one. Thank you.

  2. Hello Lisa666, the smell can be caused by a few different reasons; too much detergent, using the wrong kind of detergent, or from not leaving the door open between washes. The smell could be emitting from coming from the pump filter, pump hose and drain hose or from the bellows. Since all front loading washers use very little water, it is important to not use too much detergent. If you have a water softener then you will need to only use about a table spoon of detergent. I recommend running the washer without putting any clothes in it and see if does not generate any suds. If suds are being generated, this would indicate the use of too much detergent. Using too much detergent can leave the clothes saturated with detergent even after the final rinse. I also recommend wiping and cleaning the bellow/door seal with a solution of bleach and water and rinse well. Also, there is a product formulated for cleaning and to freshen the washer. The product is called "Affresh" and it can be found in the detergent isle of any major grocery store. I recommend using the "Affresh once a month and if you can leave the door cracked open between washes, it should resolve the issue. I hope this helpful.

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      Thank you for your input. The tech already ran my machine and said I wasn't using too much detergent, there were no suds. I have tried all kinds of different detergents, powder, liquid, etc. I also already leave the door open between washes. The tech said I am doing everything right and there is absolutely no order in my machine. I clean my machine once a month and I wipe the inside down and the gasket, door, etc. He pretty much said I will never have that downy fresh smell again with the HE frontloader. The smell is in the clothes and I have no idea why. It has to just be the machine. Period. I haven't tried Affresh, but I have used Tide washer machine stuff, bleach, vinegar, etc. It's a losing battle.

  3. Hi Lisa666! I know from your original thread that you have spoken to the folks at SearsCares. We can see if the Appliance Experts have any further suggestions for you on efficiently using your frontloader.

    An Expert will respond shortly with a few tips. Once it is posted, I will reach out to you to let you know.


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