So One Click LLC – onclickllc, has a bunch of bad reviews, now this has been added!

“By ***** from Coudersport, PAI had a great experience with One Click LLC, no issues. Order came very quickly. I would definitely recommend to family and friends. Will be purchasing from One Click LLC again.”

Funny how the seller is also located in Coudersport. I wonder if they know each other?


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  1. Google Jason Allen Amidon Coudersport Pa. He is the CEO of oneclickllc. The info you find will enlighten you on the type of individual this is, and it is all public information. You can even contact The Court of Common Pleas of Potter County and they will provide you with a fifteen page criminal docket for the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania v/s Jason Allen Amidon for pending criminal cases. BUYER BEWARE when dealing with oneclickllc on

    1. In response to gbenci01


      In reply to gbenci01,
      I KNOW!!! I found that the first day I was looking him up! HAHAHA! I was going to post the whole thing, but I knew I'd be slapped down and a snarky email sent to me by one of the moderators.

      Then on another site I saw Sears Cares defending this vendor. I must say THAT made me mad. Since I had seen his court charges and like you said all PUBLIC.

      If Sears wants to have that kind of vendor then so be it. One Click LLC - oneclickllc.

      By the way, the reason I put that on the posts - I'm assuming the vendor has Google Alerts set for "One Click LLC" and "oneclickllc", so he can keep an eye out for his taggings.

      I do know the Marketplace contract and rules. I'll help the customers chargeback as much as I can.

      I hope you stay around the community gbenci01, because this might get interesting!

      We haven't had a vendor like this since "Groovy Hangout", "Ventures Bythesea", "Chromemonkey" and their other 3 storefronts.

  2. Opps! That should be oneclickllc, up there.

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