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Some version of these ornaments go on sale, seasonally, every year. Does anyone think a miniature version of a Craftsman tool catalog will be featured next year, as one of the nostalgic tool ornaments?

There is a good selection of Craftsman resin and metal tool ornaments that have JUST gone on sale, from $9.99 to $6.69 each, this year.

The resin ornaments contain more detail and are painted different colors.

The metal ornaments are MUSA’s and available in Pewter finish this year.

I even found a left-behind Disney ornament, on sale, too.

Now, is the time to find the best selection of them.

I got a 2012 Craftsman resin tool storage ornament, with the old red sides and black drawers formatted storage unit.

The ornament is “dated” 2012 on it, too.

Model number 10827.

All I have to do now is send in my CSATs for the two ornaments.

Get’m before they’re gone.


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      • San Jose, CA

    The local store is having a 50 cent/each sale on Craftsman ignition wrenches, that were formerly kept on a "shelf" inside of the tool cash rep.

    So far, I've assembled two sets of Made in the US of A metric ignition wrenches.

    And, the smaller combination and box-end ignition wrenches are going to make great "icicles" on our year-round tool tree.

      • San Jose, CA

    I got a resin Craftsman handsaw ornament, today.

    It was on sale for $6.67 and the ornament is dated with the 2012 year it was added to my Tool Tree display.

    It even has a representation of the 45 and 90 degree edge guides of the saw handle to the back of the saw's blade, similar to how a combination square is set up for 45 and 90 degree angles.

    The selection of different models of ornaments is starting to narrow, though.

    Next up will probably be a MUSA Craftsman metal ornament.