Sprint provides a 25% discount for Sears employees and Sears affiliated employees (Licensed business, contractors, etc.) Sprint is undergoing a verification process for the discount and does not have Sears retirees designated. Does anyone have any info on who at Sears can be contacted concerning this? Sprint has told me if Sears adds Retirees to their designated employee list, they will continue the discount, otherwise it will be removed effective immediately.


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  1. Hi webass! Welcome to MySears. You will probably have better luck finding an answer to this question on the Sears Human Resources site:

    You can also speak to a HR representative at 1-888-88sears

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      I contacted 88Sears and was referred to my local Sears store HR.

  2. Human resources at your nearest Sears store would be the best place to get the answer to this question.

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      Here's the resolution for those retirees who may have Sprint cell phone service and find they're asked to verify their affiliation in order to maintain the 25% discount.

      Go to After entering your cell phone # On the right side of the next page you'll see a link to the Sprint Discount Program Eligibility Verification Form. Print it, fill it out, and fax it along with a copy of your Sears Retiree Discount Card to the fax number indicated. On the form you're asked for the Corporate ID. Sears ID is NASSR_ZZZ_P2.

      Hope this helps.