Staying healthy!

I don’t know about any of you, but that flu bug is spreading like wildfire around our community. Anyone out there have a tip or two on avoiding the bug or ways to keep it from spreading around your house, if someone does get it?


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  1. I love baby wipes to clean my hands, and desk areas in general, or the special other types. The phones should be wiped as you don't know who used them, toothbrushes of sick people separated in the bathroom and later cleaned. Use a scarf that is part fabric and pretend you are cold and need to protect your face. Wash the dishes in hot water and wash the fabrics etc. and other areas used. Wear gloves outside going into public areas.

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      Baby wipes are easy to store in the car, too, For2Day! Thanks for posting!

  2. Washing hands whenever possible and using hand sanitizer. I got some of it, but it hasn't been that bad. As soon as I felt a little more than a slight cold, I started taking nyquil. Puts me to sleep and lets my system kick it out.

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      I need to start carrying that hand sanitizer around! That is a great idea!

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      I wash my hands so often my skin dries out and cracks. This due to the fact that I often get my hands messed up with some fairly yucky stuff.

      I work hard at keeping in mind that the transfer of those buggy-germs is not only via the air we breath, but rub your eye to dry a little tear and you catch the illness that way as well.

      I don't completely trust hand sanitizers or hand washing, but it's about the best shot we have at helping to prevent the spread of disease and germs.