Still Looking for a Washer & Dryer But Can’t Find a Bundle that Sears Will Deliver

A few obstacles that I have come up against. I add the washer/dryer bundle to the cart, put in my address for the washer and all is OK-it adds the price for delivery/installation. I do the same with the dryer, but it says “sorry we are unable to help you at this time, please try back.” I go back, try different dryers, and all of them say the same thing when I put in my zip code. Also I have been reading about a problem that many of the washers are having. I would like to get some of the Community Team Member’s opinions. I will paste what the problems are that I read in many forums, but this post describes the problem well. Here it is. I would be glad to get some feedback about this situation,
“The Federal government has tightened efficiency requirements since you purchased that Kenmore pair five or six years ago. Less water, colder water and higher spin speeds make for more challenges to getting clothes clean with these newest machines, I, too, am shopping as my second Kenmore front loader is suffering the same fate as the first Kenmore I owned, namely failed main tub bearings. All modern front and top loaders are cursed with the same basic design. What happens is that the high speed spins and high stresses from unbalanced loads lead to failure of the inside tub bearing seal. That causes water to get to the beariings, displacing the lubricant so that the bearings get noisy and then fail. Our first machine (made by Frigidaire) failed in 4.5 years; the second, also a Frigidaire, in 8.5 years. My advice is to go for a front-loader in the mid-price range since they all eventually fail from this cause, if kept long enough. Agittatorless top loaders are even worse than front loaders in this respect because the seal is in the wet tub bottom for such machines. Replacing the tub bearings and seal is a major undertaking, often costing nearly as much as buying a new machine, so do not buy a top line machine unless you have money to burn.”


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    Is the website for BCGIMA
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  2. Last first: the Frigidaire issue was pretty specific to Frigidaire as far as being a relatively predictable outcome. The major manufacturers of front-load washers (Whirlpool, LG, Samsung) all have better build quality, which means the bearings are safe.

    Less water and cooler temperatures are no match for increased scrubbing action and longer cycle times. Dishwashers have the same kind of water/temperature screws being put to them, and they still get dishes clean. Likewise, today's HE machines actually clean better than machines of yesteryear while saving water and energy. Independent third parties like Consumer Reports confirm this.

    I have a feeling there may be a bug in the website regarding making a purchase of a set. If you're choosing the combos instead of adding separate items individually, try doing them individually instead. The combos have a little bit of history with behaving weirdly.

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      I was pleased to see that you responded to my email. since the machines have most likely changed since you gave me a few recommendations some time back, what would you suggest in a good high quality washer/dryer that were built to work together, have a good spin cycle, detergent dispenser, and a dryer that has double to size of the washer? If and when i get these machines installed and delivered to my home that will be a big day for celebration since I have been looking for such a long time. Is it possible for the HE washers to put out hot water if you feel you need it or do they just put out warm/cold water? if you had to get a good washer/dryer for your family now, what would you buy? I could try and put that in a cart and see if I can check out. I do use Oxi clean, never bleach, like a good spin cycle but not so fast that it will fall apart like a couple posts I have read. Double rinse, etc. I have a hard time reaching you on this website, id there any other way to reach you? If I can't get the website to check me out, is there a number to call that can take my order over the phone? what is your felling on the 2 year or 5 year warranties? (I think I have the time frames right, the 2 year might be a 3 year.) I would not consider ever buying a Sears washer/dryer without the extended warranties if they still provide the regular yearly maintaince, cleaning, tune up, problems with any problems that occur with the washer/dryer. Thanks for your help in the pat and now. I would like to be able to reach you while i try to get a washer/dryer in my house since it has been over a year that I have not had either of the two. But if you prefer not to give too much personal information out, i totally understand.

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      Hello again. :) The machines today are the same as when you were last looking. All washers use a mix of hot and cold for all wash temperature options (except for "Tap Cold," which is cold only). However, certain models have built-in heaters for sanitizing towels and sheets. They bring water temperatures up to about 150 degrees. If is misbehaving, you could always call your local Sears store and they'd be able to help you. I have protection agreements on my appliances. I wouldn't sell something I don't use. They absolutely do still have the annual preventive maintenance check-ups. If you want, I can be reached directly through my website.

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      BCG, what is your website? I do not want to bother you too much, but I really need to get a washer/dryer in this house. I am tired of going to the laundry mat, but I want a good set. One that will last for a long time and have the options that I will use. I really felt you had great knowledge when you helped me out on the older website, but unfortunately I was not able to get a set at that time.

      if you do not mind send me your website and I can send my questions that way. I have been to several stores, but it was really hard getting help. It is like a ghost town in a lot of the Sears stores near me especially up where the appliances are.

      They have a deal going on now if I use the SearPlus card where I could get I think it is 15% off of a machine that is $399 or more. It is not clear how I take advantage of this, but I would like to try, I am still having trouble ordering the units online. it woks with the washer and even know I added one at a time, when I go to put in my address for the dryer it says "try back later." Not sure what is up with that.

      I have also called since the customer service email reply told me to do that, but it is like the people do ot know what they are doing. I need to work with someone who cna help me so I can purchase the good machines, get them delivered and installed properly.