Still waiting Sears… Still waiting. Care to wake up and provide some customer service????

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  1. Your experience is no different than mine. My repair person was supposed to come a week ago to replace a part in my freezer. We waited all day and then he called saying that he would not make it and someone would call and reschedule. That never happened. I called and spoke to the telephone people to reschedule, they were rude and unhelpful. I finally made an appointment on line, speaking with the representatives was a waste of time. Pretty said that self service gets you better service.

    No one showed up by noon. I called an was kept on hold for 13 minutes only to be cut off. Then I chatted with someone named Aaron Miller (all of the chat people seem to have the last name by the way and it English is not their native tongue as all they do is parrot back what you tell them and constantly apologize for the bad service, but don't actually do anything) who was totally unhelpful and said someone would call me with an update in 30 minutes. 30 minutes came and went so I called the store and spoke to Pauline, the manager on duty. She tried to call herself and was unsuccessful in getting any additional information.
    They were supposed to come between 8-12 today, it is now 3:30, I have called their "national customer support" and was told that they are busy and someone would be here today. They offered a 20% discount on the repair....that is worthless since no one has shown up yet.
    I will never ever purchase from Sears again. Their customer service is the worst, you never get answers, have to start all over again explaining, and still my freezer is not repaired.

  2. 99slc93,
    We are sorry that your issue is still ongoing. We see that you are working with one of our case manager regarding this issue. We will forward your post to your case manager for attention.

    Thank you,
    David W.
    MySears Community Moderator

  3. Hi 99slc93! Thanks for letting us know this update. I passed your comment along to the team. Look to hear from someone soon!

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