Temperatures Are Starting To Drop!! How Do You Heat Your Home?

How do you heat your home as the temperature continues to drop during the night?

Unfortunately we had just moved into an apartment that has wall heaters, this makes it quite difficult to arrange any furniture within the home.

Last year we had central air and heat, what a big difference it can make if cooling or heating your home.

I sure miss the smell of wood is burning!

How do you heat your home?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


1 answer

  1. Wendy, unfortunatly you have moved into an apartment that has inexpensive electric or gas wall heaters that builders use to reduce cost during construction. The advantage is that you can individually taylor the temprature in each room with these type of heaters.
    I have been in the HVAC industry since 1971 and see these problems often. Unless these heaters are not working correctly, you should be comfortable. Or you have a different type of heater thats in the wall and not called a "wall heater". Maybe they are hydronic wall convectors or package terminal units or PTAC's.
    Central heat and cooling costs more to install and IF ITS INSTALLED correctly it will work very nicely! If NOT it can be a night mare.
    It can get plenty cold in Indiana, good heat is important, I live in Central New York and it was 16 deg F this morning. Since you asked I have central air propane fired gas heat w/electric cooling and also heat with wood.
    Renters net to be informed before they sign a lease, unfortunatly its a learning experience that we all go thru. Contact your landlord if you have poor or no heat, Good Luck!