Terrible Customer Service at the Okmulgee, Oklahoma Sears Store. My four month old Craftsman riding lawn mower has quit and the Okmulgee Manager has not been helpful in trying to get this fixed. He even hung up on me.

We purchased a Craftsman riding lawn mower from our local Sears Store, thinking we were doing the right thing by shopping local. Now, four months later, the lawn mower will not start. We called the service center and it will be a month’s wait to get it repaired. I tried talking with the local manager of Sears and he was supposed to call me back in a couple of days (last Thursday). I never heard from him and left my name and phone number. One week later, and I still have not heard from him. I called the store and he became belligerent and hung up on me. He even stated that we do not have service scheduled, but I called and found this to be untrue. I am very disappointed in my Craftsman product and my local Sears Store.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Do you believe the retail store has "ties" with the National Service Department?

    Is someone working at the store, who fixes tractors in their spare time?

    Should the store give you a "free" tractor, to replace the out of store warranty product?

    Do you need assistance with diagnosing the tractor yourself, in an effort to get the machine to start?

    There are service folks here and knowledgeable contributors on the Craftsman Community website that can help you with a check-list of diagnostics to attempt to figure out what is wrong with your machine.

    The whole process is started by your posting the long model number, found under the hinged seat, of your machine.

    Some starting questions for general diagnosis include;

    How old is the gas in the tank?

    Do you use any fuel conditioner, like Sea Foam or Stabil to prolong the fuel's useable life in the machine's fuel tank?

    Is the transmission set in the neutral position?

    Are the cutting blades disengaged when starting your machine?

    Have you tried to unplug and replug in the seat weight sensor?

    Is "any" sound made when you turn the key?

    Have you looked for and tested the continuity of an inline fuse, located with the wiring harness going to the engine?

    Is there a spark coming off of the spark plug?

    Checking these things out might get that one-month out tractor service visit, converted into a "never mind" case.

    If the unit DOES make a sound when the ignition key is turned, with the engine not turning over, the starter pinion may be misaligned with the engine's ring gear.

    No parts required, just a realignment of the starter, via the two bolts securing the starter unit.

    Good luck.

    1. AdamO,

      It seems that you are trying to help and being helpful is appreciated.

      I feel that Sears should take care of this, as it is still under warranty. I could have purchased a used mower and I would have known that I was responsible for the repairs. I certainly considered used for the money I was paying, but chose a new mower, thinking it would last a good amount of time, certainly longer than four months.

      With that said, my husband has talked with a local repair shop and they indicated a problem that is common with our model of mower.

      Since we have a service date, I do not intend to try to do any diagnostics at this time.

      The main issue at this point is the lack of customer service. The manager could have made sure he contacted me and had a conversation with me, as he stated he would. In my business, I at least leave a voice mail and most often will try an additional phone call, to let the person know that I am trying to help them.

      I wanted to inform someone within the Sears Company of a problem with a local store. Perhaps this is not the way they practice business and hopefully they value customer service.

  1. Dear Cahowell,

    My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We’re sorry to read about the problems you encountered with your Craftsman riding mower and the level of customer service rendered when you reached out for assistance. We’d like to talk to you and have one of our dedicated case manager contact you to address and ensure proper resolution in a timely manner. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (cahowell), your phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward talking to you soon.

    Edwin C.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-EdwinC

      Thank you Edwin. I will send the email with the information requested. I am hoping that the local manager can get some training or I fear this store will not remain open much longer, which is too bad for a small town. This local manager actually stated that he does not want me to come back. That's too bad. It sounds like they are in business just for the "one time" sale and not concerned with "service after the sale".

  2. Welcome, cahowell! Thanks for posting your experience today and giving us the opportunity to help. I can get you in touch with the SearsCares team, who can follow up with you on this issues you have had with your new riding mower.

    Check back right here in a bit. A team member will reach out soon with a response looking to assist.


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