The engine only runs on a teaspoon of fuel I put in carburator-therefore I know it is a fuel problem. I unscrewed the nut from the float container. Now it only runs for the sametime as 1 teaspoon of fuel. How much do I adjust the nut in or out until it runs normally?thanks

this is for the craftsman 190 briggs and stratton quick start lawn mower 389030 model


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  1. Hello nlawn,

    I'm sorry to hear that the engine on your mower will not run correctly and I would like to assist you. If you are able to remove the bolt that attaches the float bowl and there was no fuel running out, it appears that your fuel system is plugged. Use safety equipment such as goggles and gloves when cleaning out the fuel system and be sure to unplug the spark plug. Use a short and wide container to catch any fuel that may run out and go ahead and remove the float bowl. Next, remove the fuel line from the tank and be prepared for fuel to run out. Once the fuel is drained out, rinse and flush it a little more with clean fuel. You will see the float hanging down where the float bowl was at. Take your time and remove the pin from the float, noting exactly how it is attached. There is a small needle valve attached to the float and it will come out with it. The blockage is likely to be in the area where the needle valve is inserted into the housing of the carburetor. bristles from an old paint brush work well to run from the needle valve side out through the fuel line inlet to dislodge debris. be sure that this passage is open and wipe out the float bowl. Reassemble the carburetor, re-attach the fuel line and fuel it up a little, making sure that there is enough to run the engine. Plug the spark plug back in and give it a try. This should get you going and if not, do an internet search on Briggs and Stratton fuel system cleaning. Several good and simple videos are out there. Please let me know if I may assist you further. Jerry C

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      JerryC it's nice to see a Sears employee come on this site and have a very detailed and helpful answer to this person problem. Most the of the replies are short one-liners with very little information. Example: AdamO's reply is useless. A clogged breather hole issue gives no information or help. So it is nice to see some intelligent answers that really do help people!

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      To Alaskanbikelady - Just for the record a plugged vent hole COULD be the source of the problem. I would however anticipate that Jerry's diagnosis is more accurate.

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      Alaskanbikelady's solution to the poster's problem was even "shorter" than mine, being no advice being offered other than denigrating another poster's offer of help.

      And, a clogged breather hole in the gas cap can and does frequently "stop" a gasoline engine powered machine.

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      In response to SHC-JerryC

      One of my favorite one-liner questions, that is repeated over and over is, "Do you have the long model number of your machine?"

      Now, THAT is a good one liner.

      With more precise information, come more precise diagnosis of possible problems with a specific model of machine.

      Have you seen the Lemax Craftsman Christmas themes?

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    Have you tried loosening the gas cap, to see if there is a clogged breather hole issue with the engine?

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