The garage door opener wont work, even after I changed the battery. The system came with two and the other one is still working perfectly.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Have you attempted to have the Garage Door Opener "learn" the non-responsive remote's code, as described on the back of your opener or in the opener's Owner's manual?

    Does only the last remote being learned stay in the Garage Door Opener's memory?

  1. Thank you for your question. If I understand the problem you have two remotes but only one works even though you have changed the battery. You can check the expiration date on the battey and see if it is within the date range. You can also swap batteries between the two remotes and see if that helps. If there is no improvement then replacing the remote is likely your best option.

  2. Hi LTheony,

    Thank you for posting in the MySears Community!

    Do you have a model number for this unit?

    Please check back periodically for a Sears Expert to help with some trouble shooting tips in getting your opener to work properly.

    Thank you!

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