the light in my kenmore elite fridge does not alway come on. (this is a new thing, the fridge is about 5 years old) it is not the bulb. sometimes it comes on, other times no. any thoughts? (the light area is always quite warm)


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  1. I have the same problem with a model 795.78092.901 made in March 2012. Started intermittently; to the point now that it never stays on and just flickers occasionally. It has two lights and they both flicker. Must be the switch. I am guessing I don't have to disassemble the entire unit to replace the switch?

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  2. Hi damessin,
    I agree with Lyle, and I want to make sure that you Unplug from the wall outlet, the power cord to the refrigerator, before checking the light socket. I got shocked thinking the door switch was stopping the voltage from getting to the socket, I learned to unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet

  3. Hello damessin. The comments and advice that AdamO posted are great! That information may help you fix that problem. As he noted, be sure that you unplug the refrigerator before accessing that light socket. Since that socket area is warm, this implies that the switch is likely working. You may need to replace that socket if cleaning and adjusting it does not help.

  4. Hi damessin! Glad to have you on the MySears Community today! Can you please post your model number? That will be helpful in having the Appliance experts pinpoint this problem with that light in your fridge.

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    Two possibilities come to mind. The first is lack of good contact with the end of the bulb, inside of the socket.

    The sheet-metal contact can become bent back and not quite make as good contact as it origninally did. And, the sheet-metal itself could have become oxidized enough over time to interfere with the bulb's electric continuity.

    The solution is, with the power switched off inside the fridge first and then the plug disconnect from the wall socket, take out the bulb and rub the sheet-metal middle contact with a clean pencil eraser to gently remove any oxidation. Then with a small flat-tip screwdriver or "hook" tool gently pry the sheet-metal contact outward, to give the bulb to contact a more secure connection.

    The other possibility is the door switch is operating intermittently and all you need to test this is to leaver the fride on and plugged in and to "play" with the switch, while watching the bulb.

    A good switch simply turns the light either on or off.

    If the bulb starts winking while you're manually moving the door switch, you'll be needing a new switch.

    Sears Parts and the long model number of your fridge is what is needed to look up the cost of a new switch being mailed directly to your home.

    The only additional thing you probably need to do now, to increase the efficiency and longevity of your appliance is to purchase a coil "dusting brush".

    It'll add years of life to your appliance and let the cooling system operate much more efficiently. (We've got two dogs...)

    1. I would like to know if I need new switches when the interior light does not go on. When I manually move the two switches the light flickers for half a second then goes out. I can push the switches back in and out and it does the same thing. On and off immediatlye. Any thoughts?

    2. I am having this same issue and have identified it is indeed the switch. My refrigerator is only two years old and I feel this is a defect. Even if I could order the swtich - how does one get inside the cabinet to replace this faulty switch. For this switch to go out after only a year and a half of use seems to be a defect not a normal wear and tear item. Right now I am very dissatisfied in the Kenmore product - and the fact that Sears will charge me $75 just for a technician to come out and look at the problem.

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