The tires are finely worn out on my wife’s car. She received approximately 40,000 miles out of, I think they were 70,000 mile warranty tires. The way she drives she should have received around 100,000. That is what I received on my last pair of tires. At between 3000-4000 miles the Toyota Dealer in Jacksonville, NC could already tell that the tires were wearing out of line. I worked at a tire business, before I joined the Marine Corps 40 years ago, and I knew that once a tire starts wearing out of line you can not straiten them out.

4 October 2009
To : Sears Customer Complaint Dept
Goodyear Customer Complaint Dept
Subj : Excessive Tire Wear

On 11/28/2008 I purchased a New Set of tires for my wife’s 2006 Toyota Highlander. I purchased all the extra’s, tire warranty, road hazard, new valve stems and alignment. I bought the best tires that I could get them to put on her car.
4- item # 09586714, tire size, P22570T16, GYASSUCMFB
My wife didn’t drive her car very much because she was having a lot of health problems and also needed to have her left knee replaced, so when she finally took her car into the Toyota dealer on 4/27/09 for a scheduled check-up and to find out why her car had lost gas mileage, we were not very happy to learn that all 4 tires on her car were wearing out of line and the car need a 4 wheel alignment..
The tires that we had taken off of her car were wearing perfectly, but the New Tires were FEATHERING. She had only put approximately 3-4000 miles on the new tires. This was checked at the Toyota Dealer in Matthews, NC. 704-814-8459 Billy Carroll is the Asst Service Mgr. The mileage was 36,345.
When she returned to Jacksonville, NC we immediately contacted The Sears Automotive Service Center on Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC. I talked to Mr Moore, who could not help me, but did refer me to one of the assistant mgr’s who could not help me that day, because he needed to talk to the New Automotive Service Center Mgr.
In the beginning I was very patient and tried to work with the managers, even though they ducked me. When they told me that I had to go thru Goodyear I called and got a control # at 1-800-321-2136 even though I felt that the problem was either the Sears Alignment machine, alignment spec’s or the technician. I personally believe that the machine might have been out of spec’s, because it took 3 tries to get the frontend aligned on my 88 Ford Ranger. My tires are also ruined on it, but I did not buy this set at Sears.
The day I finally got up with the assist mgr, I think it was Joe; I had gone into the Service Dept and watched one of the service rep’s put my information on the key pad at his computer. Later when he had not called me back, I called him at 910-355-1128. At first we were amiable, but when he refused to replace our tires and still wanted to charge us 50% of the purchase price, we both got a little hot. I do not feel that Goodyear or I should have to pay anything to have these tires replaced, even though the Goodyear rep said that they would if Sears wrote the adjustment, because WE believe that it was an improper alignment, in the Service Center, that caused the tires to wear improperly.
My wife just took her car into the Stevenson Toyota Dealership, in Jacksonville, NC to be serviced again and they again told her that her tires were wearing out of line, required another alignment and would never wear right.
My wife and I would like for the Sears Automotive Service Center to replace all four tires on my wife’s car, as soon as possible and reinstate ALL warranties. Ie… road hazard and mileage, etc. as soon as possible.


Charles and Pamela Cox

Copy to:
Better Business Bureau


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  1. Dear 2Scruffy4U,

    We thank you for posting about this situation. My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We’re sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having with the tires and the continued need for alignment. We’ll be happy to look into this issue and provide you with any available options to assist you in this matter. At your convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (2Scruffy4U), your phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward talking to you soon.

    Edwin C.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi there, 2Scruffy4U! Thanks for sharing your experience today on the MySears Community. I am sorry to hear of the troubles you have had with your tires and your local Sears Auto. We can get you in touch with the SearsCares team-they will be happy to discuss your options with you on replacement and will do what they can to help.

    A team member will be be by shortly with a comment requesting more information so they can directly connect with you. Once they do, I will let you know via email that will include a link to re-direct you back to this thread.

    Keep us posted on the progress!


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