This is my second posting. I’ve never played out a complaint online, but perhaps this is my only recourse. I posted about my Kenmore Dishwasher yesterday. How in essence I’ve been getting the royal runaround in order to get my Dishwasher repaired or replaced. Yesterday in response to my post on this site I got an amazingly apologetic reply from Sears from Robert S. Then I got an email saying they’ll get back to me within 24 hours. Ok, granted it’s only been 23 hours at this point, but I have not gotten a call. Looks great to post for everyone to see that the Sears rep says this is inexcusable and a fix will happen quickly, followed by a ‘we’ll get back to you; but these are empty words possibly just for show on the posting if nothing really happens. Oh, I did get a totally unrelated call from Sears this morning, from a different department telling me that the part I’m waiting for is still delayed. She knew nothing of a response from Robert S. It’s ashamed this has come down to the “squeaky wheel ……”


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  1. Hi Mastervln! I sent this on to your case manager! Look to hear from someone today. Thanks for the update.

  2. Ask for a rental if you got the Master Protection Agreement: 1-800-927-7836

  3. Once again we have a total and complete failure of customer service from Sears. I would bet that the needed part could be found, it is just the Sears cannot get it through their normal (customer can wait however long it takes) channels.

    When ever anyone posts a complaint, we have a moderator saying that Sears Cares will respond, and then another employee responding asking the customer contact them to "solve" the problem. More often than is right, the customer is still left waiting with an unusable product, and is give a few dollars in a gift card to try to pacify them. I do not know about you, but a $25 gift card is not going to make up for the loss of use of an Appliance that costs hundreds of dollars.

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    I think Robert got back on the parts needed to make this repair. Good'ol Sears Parts, combined with knowledgeable employees!