This Kenmore refrigerator’s ice-crusher has just stopped working ,,, Geez, it’s only 25 years old. We bought it new in Cape Coral ,Florida in 1989 so it’s not that old. It has been a great refrigerator and was only two years old when we moved to Maryland 1100 miles by truck. I won’t say it’s been a perfect refrigerator … we did have to change the light-bulbs about every 2 years … it still looks new so perhaps you can help us get this ice-crusher working again so we don’t have to get a new refrigerator when this one is only 25 years old

Of course this is a bogus complaint that I would like forwarded to the Kenmore Sales Dept to use in an add that depicts the quality of a Kenmore refrigerator. We have not had a moments problem (ice-crusher went) in 25 years and this Kenmore still looks new …


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  1. Hi ThomsMom, You have had a lot of great service out of this refrigerator and it would seem the ice dispenser motor has stopped operating as it should. On this problem I would suspect the ice dispenser motor (worst) or the ice lever switch as being the problem. Each of the problems would require a technician to repair your refrigerator. I would recommend that you call this number and get this refrigerator back into the ice dispensing business. Here is the number you will need to call, 1-800-469-4663 and good luck with it.

  2. Hi ThomsMom! I LOVE this question! So nice to hear how wonderful your fridge has been for you all these years. Let's see if an Appliance Expert can help get your ice crusher working again. Check back in a bit for a reply.

    Thanks for posting today!

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