This was posted on August 29, 2013 … My Kenmore HE Frontloader washer does not clean my clothes. I need to write to someone who cares??? My issue has still not be resolved … four months later!

I have been in contact with the Executive Office. They call me, I leave a message and ask them to call me at work, and they call me at home and leave another message. I call again and leave my work number. I called and spoke with someone to tell them to please have the rep call me at work, they never call. This is a bunch of ****. My issue is still not resolved. I hear Sears is not doing well and may be going out of business .. humm, I can certainly see why. Poor customer service.


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  1. The way they treat sooooo many people I think they must want to go out of business. I certainly will never shop there again!!!

  2. Lisa666,

    We're sorry your issue has yet to be resolved. We'll ensure your case manager receives your message and request they contact you at work.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MySears Community Moderator

  3. Thanks so much for posting this update, Lisa666! I am so sorry our team is having a hard time connecting with you. I have sent this along-look to hear from someone today!