To the Appliance Rep: Harken back to days of yesteryear… I have a Sears/Kemore over/under refrig freezer — 21 cb.ft.freezer on top.(74181 Series) Recently a bunch of frozen peas rolled into the “floor” vents. This floor is “free floating” not attahed or molded into the sides or back of the freezer. I feel it can definitely be removed for cleaning purposes, and that’s my intentions. However, it feels to be anchored by clips or glue (no apparent screws) and I don’t want to crack this base by doing something stupid. I am disabled and unemployed so calling for a technician or buying a new unit is out of the question. What can you tell me? THX

Hopefully not needed.


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  1. Hello Rainman;
    In order to provide accurate and model specific instructions we will need to know the complete model number copied off the model and serial number tag on the refrigerator. Most of the older top mount freezers will require removing the metal trim located between the freezer and the fresh food section. The screws are at the ends of the trim and usually the hinge screws will need to be taken out as well. If you would reply with the complete model number we will be happy to assist you.

  2. Hi Rainman,

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    I am sorry that you are having such an issue in trying to remove this part.

    We would love to help you further by having an Appliance Expert troubleshoot this for you. Thank you for also posting your model number for this will help in pinpointing the exact area of part needing cleaning.

    Please check back shortly for a reply.

    Thank you ;)