To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to express my displeasure with the service and replacement process provided under the Sears Master Protection Agreement (MPA) (REORDER #11164 Rev.03/07). I purchased this 5 year protection agreement with my Fisher Paykel GWL15 washing machine. The washer and MPA were purchase on salescheck # 043309093248 and the MPA has an expiration date of 03/08/14. My family, consisting of my wife, two children (ages 6 and 7) and myself, depends on the use of our washing machine daily. We use the machine to wash an average of three loads of laundry per day. The washing machine is integral in the interest of general cleanliness and a presenting a professional appearance at our jobs. For these reasons we deemed the purchase of a MPA to be a valuable investment that would ensure a reasonably continuously operating product and a stress free (financially and mentally) solution to any problems that may occur. Unfortunately it turned out that this was not the case and at this point I will not be purchasing any appliances from Sears in the future. Here is a summary of the events that occurred after my washing machine initially stopped working in the beginning of May 2014: In the beginning of May 2014 we encountered a problem with our washing machine and scheduled an appointment for a service technician. The technician determined that the pump motor on our washing machine was broken and needed to be replaced. The technician ordered the part and it was replaced. The washing machine continued to work for about one month. In the beginning of June the machine stopped working again. This time the technician determined that the motor control module should be replaced. The module was replaced and the machine continued not to function. At this time another motor control module, pump, and wiring harness were ordered. These parts were installed on 7/13/13. After the installation of these parts, the machine still did not work. We were told by the service technician that he could not fix the machine and that we should call Sears for a replacement. At this time the service technician also closed out the service call. Following the technicians instructions, I called Sears about a replacement and was told that I could not be given a replacement (due to the terms of the MPA) and that a new service ticket had to be opened and a service technician had to be sent to our house to diagnose the problem. Here is where my real problems begin with the service provided by Sears. In my MPA it states that if a covered product is unable to be repaired then I am entitled to a replacement. An authorized representative of Sears, the service technician told me (and wrote in his report) that he was unable to repair my appliance, yet I was told that he did not follow the correct report procedure and therefore I could not be issued a replacement. It was stated that the technician error was an internal issue and I was told that I should make sure that the technician called a specific technical support number on future visits and that certain things needed to be noted in the technicians report. It is completely unreasonable to be told by a Sears representative that this responsibility should fall to the customer. I spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this, with the only resolution being another service visit. Note that at this time, if I had not been proactive and called Sears about a replacement that the issue with my machine was considered closed and I would have been left waiting to this day. It was only after hours on the phone with the repair group and the local service unit that another service appointment was made. At this point I had been without the use of my washing machine for one month. Also during this time I was offered a rental washing machine, which I declined because of the difficulty in dealing with local appliance rental establishments. I decided instead to accept a laundry reimbursement of $25 per week (starting on 7/17/2013) and Customer Solutions was able to issue me a $100 gift card for the previous month’s loss of use. While these gestures are appreciated, they are in no way equal to the frustration and cost of hauling loads of laundry to a local laundromat multiple times per week or the hours of mental frustration dealing with a customer service department that refuses to address Sear’s failure in upholding the terms of the MPA. During this time multiple inquiries were made to get in touch with higher management at Sears and I was rebuked. I also attempted to call Sears corporate number multiple time and was either transferred to another department immediately or I was hung up upon. After this, a service technician was sent to our house on 7/18/2013 and determined that the motor control module should be replaced and a new wiring harness installed. We were also told by the technician that he thought the machine should be replaced, but his manger would not allow it to happen. That evening I called Customer Solutions and spoke to someone named Horel. He said that he would be able to issue a replacement washer and that I would receive a call with the information for replacement after some paperwork had been completed. On or about 7/22/2013 I called to inquire about the replacement and was told that I would not be receiving a replacement and at this time had to schedule the defective parts (diagnosed on 7/18/2013) to be installed. These parts were ordered and installed on 7/29/2013 and the machine still did not function. The service technician said that he needed to order a new motor control module and a new pump. Again we were told by the technician that the machine should be replaced, however his manager would not allow it. After further questioning we were told that I would make the manager look bad if a replacement was issued. I asked if I could speak to his manger on the phone and as was refused an opportunity to do so. At this point I called the service group again to question why they were ordering a new motor controller for the fourth time, a new pump for third time, and to inquire about the management of the local service technician. The service group refused to help me so I called the local service unit. I was told that they had been using refurbished parts for all of the previous replacements and that maybe that was the issue. The plan was to order new (non-refurbished) parts and replace them on 8/7/2013. Later that evening (7/29/2013) I received a call and was told that I was (finally) going to be issued a replacement. On 7/30/2013 I went to my local sears store to select a replacement product and set up a delivery date of 8/2/2013. The washing machine never arrived on 8/2/2013 because it was delivered to the store instead of my house. I had to reschedule delivery for 8/4/2013 and the washing machine was finally replaced on that date. My concerns/questions with the events that happened are as follows: • It took almost two months to finally get a working washing machine. • I estimate the time spent waiting for service techs to arrive and time spent trying to resolve the issue over the phone to be approximately 50 hours. • In the time I was without a working washing machine we had to take 21 trips to the laundromat and spent approximately $420 to clean our clothes (for which I received a $100 gift card and a pending $50 in laundry reimbursement). • The failure of Sear’s to uphold the service technicians diagnosis on 7/13/2013 of a needed replacement washer, which caused an extended amount of time to resolve the issue. • The refusal of the local management to issue a replacement. I spoke to Heather (employee 570333) and was told explicitly that a replacement would not happen despite the diagnosis of the service technician. • Why was I told on separate occasions (by the service technician and Customer Solutions) that a replacement would be given yet was not issued at that time? • The lack of experienced service technicians to properly diagnose a problem with the washing machine. Why were the same parts ordered over and over again despite being just being replaced? • The inability to talk to any management that can make a decision outside of the MPA when an extreme case such as this is presented. Your customer service representatives act very sympathetic towards the customer situation, however are unable to present any real solutions when a unique problem occurs. • The failure to deliver the replacement washer on the initially promised date and time. The lack of responses that we have received from your company in this matter is unacceptable and that is the reason for me taking the time to write this letter.I feel that employees and representatives of Sears intentionally neglected to act in good faith in upholding their end of the MPA. I can only hope that bringing these problems to your attention will allow you to better service your customers in the future. I would appreciate a response to my concerns. Thank you.


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  1. Dear v1nck3r,

    My name is Susan with Sears Cares Escalations team. The customer service experience you've described is very disappointing to hear and we sincerely apologize for the multiple issues surrounding the repair and replacement of your washer. I completely understand how displeased you are with the service you have received so far but I hope you will allow us to step in and make things right. We value you as a Sears’s customer. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and see what can be done to turn things around. Please send an email with your contact information (preferably a phone number) to Please include your screen name (v1nck3r) for reference to your issue and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


    Susan R.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Welcome, v1nck3r! Thanks so much for posting regarding your experience today. I am so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time receiving that promised replacement washer. I am going to send your concerns on to the SearsCares team. They will reply soon to address these concerns and get this resolved for you.

    Check back in a bit for a reply from a team member.